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2nd class cabin

2nd 3

The 2nd class cabin is an escape room found by entering Door [4]. It consists of two fairly well furnished twin cabins on either side of the same corridor: rooms [B92] and [B93]. Junpei, Santa, June and Lotus enter them in order to find a way to open the Mars lock. They split up, and Junpei and June search room [B92], while Santa and Lotus search room [B93]. Notable conversations during the search include June's constant flirting with Junpei, and Santa and Lotus' never ending bickering. Furthermore, Junpei serves as a "bridge" between the two rooms, going back and forth to search for clues and items.

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Operation Bluebird - Let's Support Zero Escape 3!

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Snake dialog Snake: Junpei, where are you going? Isn't the exit unlocked now?
Seven dialog Seven: The liquor! You're gonna drink that booze on the counter!
Seven dialog Seven: Well, I'm not gonna let you beat me to it!
Seven dialog Seven: Of one, you're way too young to drink liquor--
Junpei dialog Junpei: ...I turned 21 a while ago...
Seven dialog Seven: ...
Seven dialog Seven: Gaaaaa! Just leave my medicine alone, all right?
Snake dialog Snake: Junpei, we must leave before Seven goes insane!
Junpei dialog Junpei: I think it's a little late for that...

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