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Zero Escape 3
Vol 3
Developer Chunsoft
Publisher JP Spike
NA Aksys Games
Release date TBA
Platform TBA

Zero Escape 3 will be the third and final installment of the Zero Escape trilogy. The game is currently in development hell.


Due to the low popularity of the Zero Escape series in Japan, as well as budget and financial matters, the game is currently put on hold.[1]

Soon after, "Operation Bluebird" was created by fans, supporting the Zero Escape series, posting images of their Zero Escape collection, often with a message supporting Zero Escape 3.[2]

Kotaro Uchikoshi posted on February 17, 2014 "That matters are now under consideration".


Nine people have been sent to the Mars Mission Test Site to simulate a manned mission to Mars. On December 31, 2028, the day the simulation was going to end, an unknown group (Most likely Free the Soul) hacks into an operator's video feed of the simulation and release Radical-6 into the facility. All but 3 people die, the survivors being a woman (Diana) and two other unknown people (Most likely Sigma and Phi). The woman contacts the operator, ominously saying that she killed the 6 people, and will likely kill 6 billion more people. This is presumably when Radical-6 escapes from the facility.

It is up to the Espers of Akane Kurashiki's group to stop Radical-6 from escaping.


The game will have visual novel parts, although whether or not there will be "escape the room" segments is unknown. It is also unknown if this game will feature a Nonary Game. The number of endings in the game is also unknown, although it will probably have at least two endings.


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