The X-Pass input system by the X-Door.

X-Passes are an important component of the Decision Game. These six passwords are used to open the X-Door, which in turn allow the remaining participants to escape the Underground Shelter via an elevator in the Central Elevator Hall.

X-Passes are only obtained when a Decision Game participant dies - how they are killed doesn't matter, whether it be one of the Decision Games, murder by another participant, or suicide. X-Passes are read aloud by an intercom speaker throughout the facility along with the name(s) of the recently deceased. The X-Passes are also listed on a board by the X-Door so that if someone forgot an X-Pass, they wouldn't need someone to die again -- a generosity from Zero.

X-Passes appear to be character specific and depend upon who killed the person and how they killed them.

X-Passea are not verifiable unless they are obtained from the same timeline as they are entered in. Using X-Passes from another history results in a penalty.

As they are set by Delta, they indicate he is very knowledgeable about the Decision Game participants. He is aware of facts about them from the future and other histories, and even some things that the participants did not know about themselves.


  • It is unknown if there is a limit to how many X-Passes could be entered. If there wasn't and someone could enter in as many X-Passes by guessing, then simply inputting numbers would result in two X-Passes (Six and Five). Doing colors would result in two (Red and Blue). Also, if someone guessed an X-Pass and got it right, simply entering the opposite would often yield another X-Pass. For example, if someone guessed Love, then Hate would be another. Rich/Poor, Dad/Mom, Kill/Save are more opposite X-Passes.
  • That said, given the penalty imposed upon C team for using passwords learned from another timeline as opposed to passwords derived after deaths in the current timeline, it is likely that guessing would not yield the desired result.

List of X-Passes

X-Pass Participant Method of death Possible relationship to character
Fire Carlos Execution Firefighter
Crash Akane Execution Crash Keys
Five Junpei Execution His number in 999
Eye Q Execution Delta's assumed blindness / His unnatural eyes / His watching the entire facility through the cameras
Kill Mira Execution Murderer
Fool Eric Execution A testament to Eric's personality
Blue Diana Execution Color of her bird music box / Her eye color
Red Phi Execution Her true hair color
Milk Sigma Execution His surname reversed / MILKEVOLI / White liquid on palm in VLR resembled milk / Cat reference (although cats shouldn't drink milk)
Self Q C-Team Acid Button Delta being primarily in the point of view of the player (and Zero) / Since Zero chose the codes, Q would be "himself"
Rip Mira C-Team Acid Button Heart Ripper
Lake Eric C-Team Acid Button Memories of the lake
Bird Diana C-Team Acid Button Blue bird music box
Twin Phi C-Team Acid Button Phi being a twin
Old Sigma C-Team Acid Button Old consciousness
Mom Diana Q-Team Acid Button Diana being Zero's mother
Dear Phi Q-Team Acid Button Dear to both Sigma and Diana
Arm Sigma Q-Team Acid Button Lost arms to a bomb in the timeline leading to VLR
Dream Carlos Q-Team Acid Button His sister's Reverie Syndrome
Key Akane Q-Team Acid Button Crash Keys
Quark Junpei Q-Team Acid Button Companion and adopted grandchild in VLR
Shift Carlos D-Team Acid Button His ability
Six Akane D-Team Acid Button Her number in 999
Ring Junpei D-Team Acid Button He holds one for Akane
Age Q D-Team Acid Button Delta's old age
Heart Mira D-Team Acid Button Heart Ripper
Love Eric D-Team Acid Button In love with Mira
Jump Junpei Decapitation Nickname
Moon Diana Gun Diana = Goddess of the Moon / The moon is also where she died leading to VLR
Fate Sigma Gun Fated to cause the Radical-6 outbreak, and to become the father of Delta.
Future Phi Incineration Traveled back from 2074 / Knows the future
Ice Eric Scalpel Works as an ice cream salesman
Poor Eric Crossbow State of his family after his mother died.
Bro Q Grenade Delta is Brother, the leader of Free the Soul, and Phi's brother
Fight Carlos Axe Firefighter
Dad Sigma Stabbing Father of Zero
Time Phi Stabbing Traveled back from 2074
Hero Carlos Carbon Dioxide Firefighter, sacrificed himself
Hex Akane Carbon Dioxide 6, her number in 999
Hate Junpei Carbon Dioxide Bitter
Save Carlos Gatling gun Firefighter, returns to save Akane and Junpei
Doll Junpei Gatling gun JUMPYDOLL
June Akane Axe Her codename in 999 / Name of her Voodoo doll from Junpei
Virgin Mira Strangulation Name of one of her victims (Virginia)