I know many of you enjoyed 999 as much as I did and I would like to pass my findings on.

Recently I stumpled across an escape the room-game which seemed normal but at second notice I realized that there was something more.

Here, read for yourself:

Escape Adventure Game

What if you found yourself locked in a room with a time bomb ticking inside your chest?
You wouldn't wait for the bomb to blow you up, would you?
Test your survival instincts in Escape the Room 3.
You may find that you’re more resilient than you thought.

Sounds familiar? And even the protagonist has a crush on a girl from his past.

So we have three things in common here, a ticking time bomb in the chest, an interesting past and the protagonist finding all of his friends in an old abandoned place filled with plotwists.

They only have 5 purchases this past month, lol. Anyways if your device is not listed just google Escape the Room: Limited Time v1.0.6 apk for a free download.

Anyways, have fun.

File:방탈출3 티저영상


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