As some of you know, 999/VLR creator and producer Kotaro Uchikoshi was a scenario writer for several great visual novels before he worked on the Zero Escape series. An example is the Infinity series, where he formed a legendary partnership with producer Takumi Nakazawa, creating Never 7: The End Of Inifinity, Ever 17: The Out Of Infinity, and Remember 11: The Age Of Infinity. On this blog post, I will give an overview of what I think is the best game out of the three, Ever 17. It was Uchikoshi's only game (before the ZE series) that was released in English. Sadly, Hirameki International (the company that localized the game) went bankrupt a few months after the English release, printing only a limited number of copies. This sent prices for Ever 17 through the roof, often hitting triple digits on Ebay. Luckily, YouTube is around, allowing us to watch LP's of the game.

Let's Play (Text)

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Let's Play (Video)

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Character Descriptions (Pre-Game)

Takeshi Kuranari
(Age: 20)
A Japanese college student who comes to LeMU with his friends, eventually getting separated from them. As such, he walks into the theme park alone, finding himself trapped in an elevator when the theme park starts flooding. He is very emotional, but finds time to make jokes in the most dire situations.
(Age: 16)
A teenager suffering from amnesia. He doesn't remember how or why he is in the theme park, and mostly keeps his thoughts and feelings to his self. When he meets up with the other survivors, he reveals that he doesn't know his name, so they refer to him as "Kid". Secretly loves Coco, and plays her childish games with her.
Tsugumi Komachi
(Age: 17)
Cold, distrustful, and sly young woman who seems to have a thing for treating Takeshi like crap. She speaks in short spurts at a time to the others around her, wary of revealing too much information. Has a hamster named Chami, who is her pride and joy.
Yubiseiharukana "You" Tanaka
(Age: 18)
A recent graduate out of Kyumeikan Women's High School. She is a part-time employee at LeMU, but is actually using her job to find out more information about her father, who has been missing for 17 years, and was last seen at LeMU. Possessing medical knowledge, she helps out when needed in the infirmary, and is cheerful and optimistic about the situation.
Sora Akanegasaki
(Age: 24)
A full-time employee at LeMU. She is a professional computer engineer, able to operate the LeMMIH system with ease. She updates the others on the status of the theme park, showing them the extent of the flooding. Surprising no one except Takeshi, it turns out that she is also the main AI of the park. She is rational, cheerful, supporting, and hopes to get everyone out of LeMU alive.
Sara "Mayo" Matsunaga
(Age: 16)
A junior at Kyumeikan Women's High School, being a part of You's hacking club there. She came to LeMU on a field trip, and got stuck inside of the elevator. She is a very prolific and proficient hacker, winning a nationwide contest, where she decoded 68 bits of code to form a password in only three days. Weirdly, she is obsessed with ninjas, but doesn't know how to swim. Has a crush on Kid. Mysteriously, she doesn't appear in any of Takeshi's routes.
Coco Yagami
(Age: 14)
A ninth grade girl carrying her dog Pipi into the park with her. She is always cheerful, joking, and even makes Tsugumi smile. Her only downside is her lack of focus and childish behavior, but makes up for it with her optimistic attitude. Mysteriously, she doesn't appear in any of Kid's routes.


This game is entirely a visual novel, with no puzzles. Like other VN's, there are numerous choices in place that will affect the direction the story will go, and subsequently, the ending you will get. There are two different perspectives in the game: Takeshi and Kid. Takeshi has 2 routes (Tsugumi and Sora), while Kid also has 2 routes (You and Sara). Coco's route switches perspectives between the two, weaving the story together perfectly.


On May 1st, 2017, 20 year old Takeshi Kuranari is riding a ship to LeMU, an underwater theme park on the manmade island, Insel Null. As he turns around, he sees what he thinks is a tanuki (raccoon dog), with a pink haired girl biting it's tail. The tanuki asks him to do something about the girl and Takeshi struggles to process the absurd scene. Meanwhile, Kid is already in the park, sitting on a park bench, daydreaming while his ice cream trickles on his hand. He thinks that he was supposed to wait for someone, but doesn't remember why he came to the park. Suddenly, a young woman in a LeMU uniform sits down next to him and inquires about his situation. She tells him that he might have been stood up and offers to take him around the park. He reluctantly accepts, and reads her nametag. It says "You" on it. The woman tells him that it short for something longer, and tells him to refer to her as "You".

Back in Takeshi's perspective, the tanuki and the pink haired girl had formed a line at the gate. Takeshi follows them in to the decompression chamber, where a pretty park employee appears out of nowhere, instructing them to put their headphones in. She says that they will have to stay in the chamber for 17 minutes, and in the mean time, she explains the function of the headphones, which are actually voice alternators (If removed, everyone will sound like ducks). The wait is over, and the employee tells them to enjoy themselves at the park. The pink haired girl introduces herself as "Coco" and asks him if he is lost. She recommends that he checks with the employee who was just talking. Back with the Kid, You is taking him up a cramped elevator, when suddenly, he bolts from the elevator. He had seen someone that he had remembered, and finally runs into her near a set of dolphin elevators. He goes up to talk to her, but a wave of people push him into an elevator, sending him one floor down.

There, Takeshi runs into him, asking him if he has seen his friends.

Tsugumi END

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Sora END

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Tsugumi/Sora Bad END

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You Bad END

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Sara END

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Sara Bad END

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Coco END (True Ending)

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Character Descriptions (Post-Game)

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