EDIT(11/4/2011): Japanese website now open: The content essentially matches the previous reveals in Famitsu, but there are some nice extras, like voice samples. There's also the teasing of further content to come soon :)

EDIT(11/2/2011): Yet more info has now transpired from Famitsu. The info can be found here: and I may merge this info with the article below at some point. (the links contain SPOILERS, of course)

New info!

The latest issue of Famitsu included some new info on "Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die".

I've not been able to find the scans yet(EDIT: I found one, not that good, scan so far, added to the gallery subsection) , but the information comes from translated by user Erigu [1] at neogaf, so props to him.

Also: The predicted JAPANESE release date is WINTER 2012. No word on localization as of yet.


The info (below) explains the rules of the game being played this time, and contains short descriptions on the characters (these are particularly spoilerish in light of speculated relationships between the cast of this game and that of 999), so read on at your own peril :p

The actual info

This section is lifted word by word from Erigu's neogaf post, so as not to introduce a further "intermediary" relative to the original japanese text. I did however add the faces and the names of the voice actors for each character

Same system as before (novel part / escape part). If you're stuck during an escape part, you can lower the difficulty. There's a mini game (/"several minigames"?) using the gyroscope.

The points ("BP") on the characters' bracelets vary during the game. When you reach 9 BP, you get a unique chance to open the (/"a"?) door numbered "9" and escape, but if you reach 0 or less, you receive an injection and die.

Rules of the Ambidex Game:

  • Those whose bracelets numbers are the same color as yours are your opponents.
  • Each game pits one player against two (so it would seem that means three sets of games, with three players each? not 100% sure...).
  • A game ends when you choose either "cooperation" or "betrayal" on the terminal (wut).
  • If both sides pick "cooperation", both sides gain 2 BP.
  • If both sides pick "betrayal", the points don't change.
  • If one side was betrayed, the betrayed side loses 2 BP and the betrayer side gains 3.

There's an example given: if you and your opponent(s?) both have 1 BP left, you could die if betrayed, but if you choose betrayal and the other side is trying to cooperate, you'll end up killing them.


  • Zero III
    Zero III (voice actor: TARAKO)
    Bunny robot that serves as the gamemaster and oversees the progression of the Ambidex Game. An AI that gives penalties to those who go against the rules. It gets its instructions from "the true Zero", who appears to be one of the 9 players.

  • Sigma

  • Phi
    Phi (voice actress: Chiaki Omigawa)

  • Dio
    Dio (voice actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
    Blond man with a hat (the ringmaster-looking dude, I imagine?). An odd, callous and self-righteous troublemaker. And yet, it says something about him having saved a kitten on a rainy day?

  • Tenmyoji
    *Tenmyôji (voice actor: Rokuro Naya)
    Stubborn, eccentric old man. Formerly part of a team training for a manned mission on Mars, but everybody was murdered except for him. It seems there's a connection between those murders and the game.

  • K
    K (voice actor: Daisuke Ono)
    Mysterious masked man in a body suit (... so that wasn't a robot? huh). He suffers from amnesia and doesn't know his name nor his age. Always rational.

  • Quark
    Quark (voice actor: Rie Kugimiya)
    Innocent 10-year-old boy. Calls Tenmyôji "grandpa", but they don't appear to be related. Disappears, gets infected with a virus (wut).

  • Luna
    Luna (voice actress: Mamiko Noto)
    Woman in her early 20s. A pacifist with a gentle demeanor and a medical license. Not really what she seems to be, according to some rumors.

  • Clover
    Yotsuba/Clover (voice actress: Yukari Tamura)
    So, yeah. It's not her first, nor her second time getting mixed up in something like this. She became friends with Alice after meeting her in the Nevada desert around one year earlier.

  • Alice
    Alice (voice actress: Atsuko Tanaka)
    Dark-skinned, exotic woman. She aims to get rid of her country's enemies, and is after the terrorist organization responsible for her father's death. Her body water is actually Ice-9.

My opinion

  • The first thing that catches my eye are the new rules for the game, which if you know your game theory will immediately strike you as a version of the prisoner's dilemma (a standard game where betrayal offers, on average & for each player on his own, better rewards than cooperation, even though cooperation is better on total). If I'm understanding the rules correctly, apparently now the bracelets do not display static numbers, but instead the "score" of each player (the BP (and, by the way, what does BP stand for? Bracelet Points?)) as they try to go and achieve 9 BP so they can exit through door 9. This would seem to explain why in the trailer scene were we see the player wrists and numbers change they don't do so at the same rate. There are multiple very interesting questions about how this will work:
    1. Will everybody start with the same number of BP? And one can only imagine betrayal will be very tempting for someone who currently has 6 BP
    2. In order to win does one require precisely 9 BP, or merely at least 9BP? I'm guessing the latter, since that's how losing works (and so as not to make everything even more complicated), but should it be former that would make betrayal a necessity for some players. Also notice that each person has a "unique chance" to open door 9.
    3. Will digital roots still be important & will there still be (other) numbered doors?
      We don't currently know what these events are were you can chose betrayal or cooperation, but we know there are still escape sections, so my default guess would be that those are it. Should there still be numbered doors the betrayal/cooperation decisions would possibly condition which doors could be taken (honestly, though this sounds cool, I rather doubt it, as it would probably be a huge pain to make it work)
    4. The article mentions that "Each game pits one player against two". It's unclear whether this is 2vs1 or "free for all", but unclear how you implement the betrayal/cooperation rules with three individuals instead of two, so 2vs1 seems more workable to me.
    5. Will there be enough "games" for everybody to get out (or in other words, enough BP to be gained)? Also, if so, and since each individual only gets one shot at opening door 9, this would imply the last three to go out would all have to get 9 at the same time.
  • As for the characters, I'm personally rather satisfied to see that indeed Clover and Allice are back (I was rather convinced the Clover look-alike was her due to the the large amount of similarities: the unique hair color scheme, the eye color, the pattern on the hair band, and the very hair style (which matches Clover's hairstyle in some of her initial concept art (second image), but still, official confirmation is much better). Further points:
    1. It will be awesome finally understanding what's the actual deal with Alice, although her character's description is weird as hell: "She aims to get rid of her country's enemies, and is after the terrorist organization responsible for her father's death." The first part makes her sound like some sort of government agent (and if so, from where? Egypt???), and makes you wonder if any of the players are some of these "enemies", or belong to the terrorist organization that killed her father. But all this flies in the face of her being meant to be a "mummified" Egyptian priestress...
    2. The fact that the characters descriptions admit Clover and Alice are "buddies" makes me very hopeful that they will give us more info on what happened to the first cast. Oh, yeah, and notice this game is taking place essentially a mere year after the first one.
    3. On the other hand, just who and what is Phi? She looks too much like Santa (just check out the second picture) for it to be a coincidence, certainly, but she can't be a daughter or sister or anything, so, errr, what? Let me know in the comments if you have a more cohesive theory than mine.
    4. This talk about governments and mars missions and terrorists does somehow gel with the talk that at the end of 999 June went to the next part of a bigger plan, so I guess that's still on the table.
    5. Also of notice is the fact the description of the bunny, indicating he is not the real zero, who is actually a player himself. This, to me, seems like an excellent way to make betrayal even more attractive for the players. If they think the real Zero is amongst them they may just try to screw him up.
    6. I also find this interesting: "An AI that gives penalties to those who go against the rules." It almost seems to suggest that going against the rules doesn't mean automatic death, as in 999.


Fam scan

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