Like the title indicates, there are two issues I would like to see discussed. Please leave your opinions in the comments.

Wiki skin

By wiki skin I mean the background image that appear to the left and right of the pages (please correct me if I'm misusing the term).

It has occurred me for quite some time that I have no idea what our current wiki skin actually is. Is it related to 999 in any way at all? Shouldn't we change it for something that is indeed related to the game? My suggestion would be that we change it for, for instance, one of the wallpapers from the official website My suggestion would be to, say, use the first one so as to keep the dark tones of the wiki, but adding some level of transparency to the pages, as seen, for instance in and Alternatively, if someone would photoshop it to have a black background, the "June and Junpei" wallpaper would also work fine.

Of course, with Zendesu approaching, we could also consider a mixed solution, but, again, I think such a move should wait until we get confirmation of an english release of the game (by the way, a recent tweet!/aileenv/statuses/141606697532784640 is teasing a new unannounced Akysis title on a Nintendo platform).

Main page

I think the lack of any reference to zendesu on the main page is a serious omission. I'll reiterate my position that we should hold any major shift until the game is announced, but in the intermediate period we definitely should have some prominent presence: for instance, I envision something like a small box (placed above the current character box, say), with the logo of the new game, and text to the effect of "A sequel to 999, Zendesu bla bla, has been announced. Click here to find more".

That's if for now. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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