Hello wiki!,

As some of you may have noticed, I've been busy the last couple of days uploading a buckload of images to the wiki, and at this point I've uploaded just about every CG in the game, with very good quality (I've obtained these from the website I list in the style page).

My idea is that, since some of the contributors here don't have an easy time uploading images, this would facilitate their work by providing a library of the images in the game. This of course means that the images will need to be sorted in some easy to access way.

Here's how I intend to do it:

The Category:Images page will list as subcategories the relevant types of images. Here are the current subcategories:

  • Category:Story CG - This category is meant to contain all those CG that are directly about the story. I define this as a CG where either a character directly appears, or which forms part of a sequence of CGs in which a character appears.
  • Category:Item CG - This category is meant to contain any CG in which no character appears (I am considering renaming this category "Non-character CG").
  • Category:Hands and bracelets

(notice there will be some overlap between the subcategories, which is fine)

Furthermore, I intend to organize the images in the Story CG category roughly as follows: Images from "normal" story sections (i.e. anything which doesn't fit what follows) > Door 1 > Door 2 > Door 3 > ... > Door 8 > Sub end > Knife end > Safe end > Axe end > Coffin end > True end.

Now this is where you come in. I want your opinions, and mainly, I want you to answer the following questions:

  • Do you agree with my choice of subcategories? And which name do you prefer for the "Item CG" subcategory?
  • Are there any other subcategories you would like to see?
  • Are you fine with the proposed organization of the Story CG category? Do you have a suggestion on how you would like to see the "Item CG" one organized?
  • Do you detect any missing CGs from the list I uploaded?
  • Do you think this work is useful and worthwhile?

That's all for now. Let me know your thoughts on the comments bellow.

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