As I edit the Wikia, I sometimes notice really funny errors. Which you know, they're corrected, but they're really amusing in the meantime, and I want to record them as I notice them. So here's where I'll be doing that, I guess.

  • The GAULEMs page called golems "giant mechanical robots"
  • Akane Kurashiki's page called Gentarou Hongou "one of Cradle's CEOs" (implying there's more than one)
  • Someone once edited Clover's page to declare that she and Alice are girlfriends (View here)
  • I accidentally deleted Akane's page except for a picture I was trying to fix (View here)
  • The front page had the VLR cast listed as the ZTD cast for a bit before the ZTD cast was added (View here)

Also this is off-topic but I remember when article comments were a thing and someone joked about Light/Aoi being canon and someone disagreed and User Nagisa Nijisaki joked about Light/Hongou and the Aoilight dissenter was like "Says Hongou's right hand man" and Nijisaki replied like "I don't mind what Hongou does so long as he makes up for it with me" and I've never seen such a fast and horrifying derailing of a conversation.

EDIT: I found a screenshot I took of it.

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