Since the chat is (kinda) being used, I wanted to record chat jokes we have. Feel free to comment with any I missed. I'm not always in there, after all.

  • Being slayed (Not totally sure how this one came about? Something to do with Gin getting banned for swearing)
    • Branch joke: JuneSlay
  • Bad puns out of names, meant to be jokingly insulting (We were joking about who would win in a fight and this stuck past the convo)
    • Foxsmells, Gone605, JuneSalad (Also its own joke, as it came from a typo I did once)
  • People being scared away by whatever is the topic (People will sometimes enter and leave shortly after without saying anything)
    • Sometimes correlates with the "slay" joke, where we'll say "(User who has left) was slayed"
    • Me scaring away newbies (I tend to shout "HI STRANGER" and more than one person has left and said nothing)
  • Probably others I've forgotten

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