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  • I live in Skyfall Islands
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is a Wikia editor
  • I am male
  • Foxwells

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    March 18, 2016 by Foxwells

    I made this green Clover to celebrate:

    Also I'm aware it's like the end of the day, yes. I saw someone else make an edit like this and wanted to do one of my own. It looks cute imo.

    And uhh, if you don't care or even know what this holiday is, hope you had a cool Thursday.

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  • Foxwells

    Three Badges in One Day

    March 16, 2016 by Foxwells

    I set out on a quest to get the "One Night Stand" badge yesterday, ended up with three new badges. Which hey, cool! I love collecting these badges. Being ridiculously competitive, they're good motivation for me to keep editing.

    Speaking of, the One Night Stand badge is a pain. Or maybe I'm just a fool who can only do ~20 edits per hour and had 3 hours to get the badge. Thank god there was a lot of stuff to link/small grammar things to fix. I've also noticed some stuff which needs real editing, so I'll get to that after I break for a little while.

    Anyways. I ended up with the Lucky Survivor (24,000th edit ver), The Toughest, Sexiest Editor of Them All! (500 edits ver), and One Night Stand badges. I feel pretty accomplished. ... And lucky! ;3c …

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  • Foxwells

    Chat Jokes

    March 11, 2016 by Foxwells

    Since the chat is (kinda) being used, I wanted to record chat jokes we have. Feel free to comment with any I missed. I'm not always in there, after all.

    • Being slayed (Not totally sure how this one came about? Something to do with Gin getting banned for swearing)
      • Branch joke: JuneSlay
    • Bad puns out of names, meant to be jokingly insulting (We were joking about who would win in a fight and this stuck past the convo)
      • Foxsmells, Gone605, JuneSalad (Also its own joke, as it came from a typo I did once)
    • People being scared away by whatever is the topic (People will sometimes enter and leave shortly after without saying anything)
      • Sometimes correlates with the "slay" joke, where we'll say "(User who has left) was slayed"
      • Me scaring away newbies (I tend to…
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  • Foxwells

    Fun Wikia Errors

    February 23, 2016 by Foxwells

    As I edit the Wikia, I sometimes notice really funny errors. Which you know, they're corrected, but they're really amusing in the meantime, and I want to record them as I notice them. So here's where I'll be doing that, I guess.

    • The GAULEMs page called golems "giant mechanical robots"
    • Akane Kurashiki's page called Gentarou Hongou "one of Cradle's CEOs" (implying there's more than one)
    • Someone once edited Clover's page to declare that she and Alice are girlfriends (View here)
    • I accidentally deleted Akane's page except for a picture I was trying to fix (View here)
    • The front page had the VLR cast listed as the ZTD cast for a bit before the ZTD cast was added (View here)

    Also this is off-topic but I remember when article comments were a thing and so…

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  • Foxwells

    New Zero Escape 3 Info

    October 30, 2015 by Foxwells

    Aksys gave out some new info for ZE3 on its twitter today!

    • Zero Time Dilemma is officially declared the localised name
    • They released a logo (now on the wiki's ZE3 page)
    • They released an HQ art of Diana and Sigma in at the torture chair
    • There was some official-y sounding announcement about it all

    I'm so excited!! And someone who I'm following on Twitter got runner up for the art contest... The art contest was really cool, I love all the pictures. I have no idea how they could pick just one winner. Or maybe that's why they declared a bunch of runner ups, haha.

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