• CooperThief

    Quote Colors

    May 17, 2014 by CooperThief

    Hey. I've created quotes now for every character in VLR in the "Humorous Quotes" section across various pages. So, if anyone else wants to add humorous quotes, be sure to maintain the same color for each character for the sake of continuity. For example, if you want to add a quote in the "B. Garden" page between Sigma and Luna, make sure to use the same name color that has been used in other pages. This will just make the wiki look nice overall!

    The following pages contain, as a whole, each of the character's colors:
    Laboratory (VLR)
    Director's Office
    GAULEM Bay
    Rec Room

    If you find a color that you think is better for one of the new characters (by new, I mean K or Quark, since they are only 1 page each at the moment. Please refrain fro…

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