Hello, wiki ! I'm a fun of Zero Escape series from Russia. Well, while games of this series not been translated in russian and I don't have a NDS or N3DS, my little knowledge of english, love of and downloaded emulator helped me to know about these great games. I think that Zero Escape series is kind of international game, because it uses many science and pseudoscience themes, numerology and mythology motives and philosophies that anyone on Earth can understand. And on Moon too.

Like anybody of fans of series I wait for Zero Escape 3, grand finale of series. If there would be another game with title Zero Escape I don't think it would be another chapter of story about Akane Kurashiki.

But still, it's not over and there can be a lot of deadly games or interesting stories in setting of Zero Escape. I bet many people like to make fan-fiction about heroes of 999 and VTL. And somebody of them even create they own characters or places there stories have place.

Then what about fan-made games with shout-outs or ties with Zero Escape ? Zero Escape is loved because of it's quality of story, interesting characters and strange, but not too moon logic, puzzles in some degrees. So, it's visual novel with puzzles. Not hard genre to make your own game.

And there many sidestories fans can play with: story of All-ice, her reigh of Egypt; games on Gigantic made by Dashell Gordein and fate of it's players; side-games that can be ruled by Aoi Kurashiki between first and second Nonary Games (He is owner of Crash Keys, after all); and many others. It not included another games or stories of espers in this setting and even stories with original characters in another timelines.

So I want to ask you: how you see fan-made non-canon or spin-off games of Zero Escape if there will be one ? Do you want to be one of creators and write story or coding puzzles or just wait for some game to expierence ZE-feel or similar to this ? Can you imagine spin-off with someone from original cast or should it be another, new blank characters with they secrets ?

I'd like to made one or two little games, but I'm not good at writing or coding, english and japanese are not my languages and I don't know reaction from fan community. So, maybe this post make someone to fantasy about this and eventually to create some novel or game, full of numbers, riddles and mysteries just like in ZE. I look for you opinions and comments about this.

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