Take everything you thought you knew about 999 and just throw it out the window.

Ok, I've decided I'm just going to throw it out there. This is the one that's got everyone talking about so I might as well post it.

We've seen the last image of the game. Does Allice really exist? Is that just another woman hitchhiking in the Nevadan desert? Or could Junpei and Seven just be seeing things?

Yes, although just by looking at the picture you'd probably automatically assume that it's Allice without any second thought. However, there is no proof in the game that she actually exists. Hongou himself couldn't find Allice "beyond the forest of knowledge", and found the mandrake root instead. Everything in which Allice was mentioned, was only rumors and speculation. No direct evidence can be found linking to Allice. And speaking of direct evidence, all the previous pictures seen were only images formed in Junpei's head of what Allice would have looked like. So then, how is the last image of the game even possible?

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