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A false map showing the three wards.

The Underground Shelter is a nuclear bomb shelter located somewhere in Nevada 50 meters underground. It is the main setting of Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. The nine participants of the Decision Game are brought here from the Mars Mission Test Site (Dcom) to play the game after Zero introduces them to it.



The true shelter.

At first, the shelter is believed to be shaped like a nonagon consisting of three different sections and a central elevator hall. These sections are known as Ward C, Ward Q and Ward D. Each section is used to house the team whose name matches the ward name, and each ward has different torture devices in it.

The elevator hall is the way to leave the shelter, but it is blocked behind an X-Door requiring six X-Passes. There are also air vents just big enough for Gab to get through. This allows the teams to communicate with one another.

Zero Time Dilemma

It is later revealed that all wards are never separated. All three teams actually shared the Lounge, Decontamination Room, and Prep Room. The Lounge used technology which had the ability to change the interior of the walls and furniture. The teams are put to sleep at different times, so that when one team is awake, the other two are asleep in the pod room.

It is also claimed that the Underground Shelter is revered as a sacred site due to the birth of Brother in D End 2.


Main area

Ward C

Ward Q

Ward D


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