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Trash Disposal Room
People Diana
Items Gas torch
Flathead Screwdriver
Chained box
Minigames Letter slider
Toolbox Organizer
Links Ward D
Music Trash Disposal
"I'd like to avoid the worst sunburn of my life in here!"
— Phi, stuck in the incinerator

The Trash Disposal Room is an escape room in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma located in Ward D. It is searched by Team D: Diana, Sigma Klim and Phi.


The room is divided into the incinerator and the control room. The door to the incinerator is locked, with no visible keyhole, indicating the lock is possibly magnetic.


Waking up in the room


Sigma and Diana wake up in the room and realize Phi is trapped in an incinerator.


Gas torch


Found in front of the incinerator window. Send it to Phi and have her use it on the thermometer.



Found in the shelf. For the Quest File, send it to Phi and have her unscrew it for a mini-game.



Found inside the shelf. Used to see hidden objects that can't be seen in the light. Sigma refers to it as 'Augmented Reality'.

Flathead screwdriver


Found in the incinerator. Use it on the panel. The Screwdriver also needs to be weighed and is used to unlock the toolbox and the Revolver case.



Found after unscrewing the panel. Both screws need to be put on the scale.



Used to open the panel to the red button.

Chained box


This object falls to the ground after Sigma sits in the chair. It must be given to Phi so she can unscrew it and allow Diana to receive the revolver.



Found inside of the chained box. It needs to be placed in the hole next to the chair to complete the escape room.


Letter slider

This minigame requires the player to swipe three sliders to correspond with the correct letters. A hint to the puzzle is found by looking at the trash sorting picture with the goggles. The solution is TIC.


This minigame requires Phi to weigh the two screws and the screwdriver on the scale inside the incinerator. The solution is 155g.

Quest File/Toolbox Organizer

Toolbox Puzzle


For the optional Quest File, send the toolbox to Phi and have her open it with the screwdriver.

This minigame requires the player to sort all the tools in the toolbox, so that they all fit within it. The blue X marks on all the tools must also touch a red X mark as well. If using the PC version with a controller, you must click with a mouse to rotate. Touching the tools on the 3DS and Vita versions allow you to rotate them.

Decision Game


Diana firing a gun that has a 50% chance of killing Sigma in order to save Phi.

Sigma will be trapped in a chair. The gun next to Sigma's chair has three live rounds and three blanks which has a 50/50 chance of killing him. The game calculates the odds each time so in one playthrough, he may live, while in another, he may die. However, if you choose not to shoot the gun, the incinerator will activate and kill Phi.


  • When Phi clicks on the "188 Pounds" plate in the incinerator, she has a conversation with Sigma in which we learn that he weighs about 188 pounds. This implies the chair is likely activated by weight, meaning Zero could guarantee that Sigma would have to be the one sitting in the chair for the Decision Game, even though Diana tries to sit in it as well.
  • Phi is a playable character in this escape room. She is able to investigate the inside of the incinerator.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the trash organization poster, without the goggles:
    Diana dialog Diana: This is...oh, I get it. This shows how trash is organized.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: We could put Phi under the- Gah, this is no time for jokes!
    Diana dialog Diana: ...Let's just hurry and save her.

  • Examine the goggles in your inventory:
    Diana dialog Diana: This looks like a gas mask... Why would something like this be here?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Why not try it on? You might look good.
    Diana dialog Diana: If you think complimenting everything a woman wears is okay, you're very wrong, sir.

  • Solve the sliders without the clue:
    Diana dialog Diana: Oooh, I've had enough! How about...this! Oh, the shutter opened!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: What? how'd you know the answer? It couldn't be a coincidence...
    Diana dialog Diana: But it was... I just got lucky. I didn't expect it to open either...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: I-I see... What are the chances, huh?
    Phi dialog2 Phi: Okay, now it's brighter in here! I'll look for something... Uh, guys? You okay?

  • Examine the plate in the incinerator:
    Phi dialog2 Phi: Only this section of the wall is weird, and it has screws... That's screaming "Look at me!" I think I can take it off.

  • Examine the "188 pounds" sign:
    Phi dialog2 Phi: Well, 188 pounds is about 85 kilograms. What is with this weight? ...Oh, maybe. Sigma! How much do you weigh?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: HUH? What's with this all of a sudden... How much do YOU weigh?
    Phi dialog2 Phi: Call HR, this is sexual harassment, old man. Just answer. Is it 188 pounds?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Yeah, more or less... How'd you know?
    Phi dialog2 Phi: Is it a coincidence it says that? No, it can't be. It must be part of Zero's plan...

  • Examine the button, once the cover is off:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: We removed the cover, but... should we really up and press this button so carelessly...
    Diana dialog Diana: I'd like a tiny guillotine to come out when you push it and chop off your hand...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Wh-What...?! I-I'm going to forget you said that thank you very much. I'm pushing it! Oh good, my hand's still intact.
    Diana dialog Diana: Something came out of the floor. What is it? It kind of looks like a chair from here.

  • As Phi, examine the chute after it's been opened:
    Phi dialog2 Phi: It's the hole for the dust chute.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Phi can you hear me?
    Phi dialog2 Phi: Yeah, what is it?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: This is your time! Crawl over through this hole! You got this!
    Phi dialog2 Phi: You old bastard... That's impossible. I'd just get stuck because of my big chest.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Enough! Do you even know what big is... Gah. Diana, could you take off your clothes?
    Diana dialog Diana: What? Me?! W-Wait, what are you talking about?! We need to be serious about this!

  • Examine the button once Sigma is sitting in the chair:
    Diana dialog Diana: Maybe this button releases the restraints... Of course it doesn't! Come ON!

  • Repeatedly examine Sigma in the chair, while holding the gun:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Diana, just insert the gun into the keyhole with "STOP"! Hurry up!

  • Examine Sigma in the chair, while wearing the goggles:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: D-Diana, have you lost your mind?! Why are you staring at me with those goggles?
    Diana dialog Diana: I-I'm sorry! I don't even know what I'm doing right now...

  • Examine the poster, once Sigma's in the chair:
    Diana dialog Diana: This is the poster categorizing trash, and... Augh, why am I even looking at this!

  • If you click on Sigma's face:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Mrff, what-oof, are gaaah doing - STOP. What are you doing to my face?
    Diana dialog Diana: I-I'm sorry...! I just thought maybe there's something...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: If you have time to mess with people's faces, then go search somewhere else!

  • If you click on Sigma's chest:
    Diana dialog Diana: Oh...! Uh, wow, your chest is... strong.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...Satisfied?

  • If you click on Sigma's hand:
    Diana dialog Diana: Oh, Sigma, what should I do...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Stay calm. First, you'll have to let go of my hand. It's okay, just look for more clues.

  • If you click on Sigma's groin:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...What are you doing?
    Diana dialog Diana: Um... I just thought, maybe an important clue would be hidden somewhere...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...Well, there IS something important there.
    Diana dialog Diana: O-Oh my God, I'm sorry! It's not like that! I didn't mean... It's not like that!