Team Q

Eric, Sean and Mira.

Team Q, also known as Q-Team, is one of three Decision Game teams along with Team C and Team D. Its members consist of "Q" (Delta), Sean, Eric and Mira. It is led by Q (Delta), however, due to Q/Delta faking being disabled, Sean makes the choices (possibly by Q/Delta Mind Hacking Sean, or ?'s interference, but this is unconfirmed). It is represented by the color green, as seen on their Map and Team Selection Screen.

Zero Time Dilemma

It is later revealed that Team Q has four players, not three. The Q represents Delta instead of Sean.

This is the team with the fewest escape rooms in the game, with three. However, they do have some of the most important story moments.

The fact that Sean is a strange-looking stranger causes some friction among the team members. Eric often lashes out at Sean when he is scared or frustrated, although Mira seems more sympathetic towards him.