Team D

Sigma Klim, Diana and Phi.

Team D, also known as D-Team, is one of three Decision Game teams along with Team C and Team Q. Its members include Diana, Sigma Klim, and Phi. Diana is the team's leader. It is represented by the color blue.

Zero Time Dilemma

Although they sometimes argue about the right course of action, the members of D-Team get along rather well during their time in the underground shelter. Sigma clearly cares deeply about both Diana and Phi, at one point offering to sacrifice his life in order to save Phi.

In several histories, Sigma and Phi tell Diana about their SHIFTing abilities and their mission to save the world from Radical-6. Diana eventually learns that she also has SHIFTing abilities.

In one timeline, Phi devises a plan to escape from the shelter using a bomb. The bomb does allow them to escape, but it blasts off Sigma's arms and injures his right eye, as well as instantly killing Eric, mortally wounding Mira, and damaging Sean's body, as Zero had Q-Team placed on the other side of the wall. Mira takes revenge on Phi by injecting her with Radical-6; Sigma and Phi realize that they are in the timeline that leads to the Radical-6 outbreak. Phi begs Diana to kill her and Sigma tells her they can't go to the surface, but Diana defies both of them to try to save their lives. This timeline leads to the events of Virtue's Last Reward.

In another timeline, Sigma and Diana are trapped in the shelter alone after Akane escaped, with all the other participants dead. They survive until at least November 16th, 2029, when Diana gives birth to twins that they name Phi and Delta. Sigma and Diana use the transporter located in the shelter to send their children's data to another timeline. It's unknown if they were rescued or if they starved to death in the shelter.


  • Team D is the only team in ZTD whose members are all connected in some way with each other. Specifically, both Sigma and Phi were the protagonists of VLR and he along with Diana are Phi's parents.