Junpei Tenmyouji, Carlos and Akane Kurashiki.

Team C, also known as C-Team, is one of three Decision Game teams along with Team D and Team Q. Its members include Carlos, Akane Kurashiki, and Junpei Tenmyouji. Carlos is the team's leader. It is represented by the color red.

Zero Time Dilemma

There exists some tension between Akane and Junpei as the Decision Game begins. Junpei's attitude has changed since the Second Nonary Game, as his work has made him bitter and jaded. Although he still has feelings for Akane, he's begun to wonder if he really knows who she is. Carlos tends to play the role of peacemaker between them.

As the game continues, Akane learns that Carlos is a SHIFTer like she and Junpei and she teaches Carlos how to use the ability. She also tells him that his sister, Maria, is likely a SHIFTer and that it may be possible to cure her Reverie Syndrome if she learns to control her powers.