Is it worth referencing this? ZE3 is a niche game designed for a specific audience, I don't think one website is good to put it on. I haven't been on it myself but I'm guessing its not a well-known website since the E3 games, which are more well known will be more anticipated with gamers. Thus I don't think this is a credible thing to put on. FlashEmperor 23:38, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

"Zero Time Dilemma"

Who confirmed this as the title of the game?  The name of a concept used in the game is almost certainly not the name of the game, unless I can change the VLR page to "Zero Escape: Prisoner's Dilemma".  Until we have a confirmed title, I think we should keep the game name as Zero Escape 3.

Wikipedia mentions Chime as the devolopment team

According to Wikipedia it says that Chime is the developer for this game. Gbertolini

They have no citation for it, and I've never heard of "Chime" until today. Until we have further evidence and proof that some game development team called "Chime" is developing it, we should leave it as Spike Chunsoft. After all, the game's website is hosted at Spike Chunsoft so it won't be a big deal if we say Spike Chunsoft is the developer for now. —AlexShepherd 17:19, April 10, 2016 (UTC)