Bracelet value

This page, and many pages on this Wiki, contain a big error. Aoi's number is 9, Akane's is 0.

Proof 1) Aoi says he's more like Zero's assistant, he's not Zero himself.

Proof 2) The password for the safe and coffin is 14383421, if you multiply this by 9 you get, 129450789. The first digit, so Ace, is 1. The second digit, so Snake, is 2 The two important ones are the 3rd digit, Aoi, and the 6th digit, Akane. They are 9 and 0 respectivly. (Question 66 on the 999 Q&A rasies the point that 129450789 means something, and this is the thing that makes the most sense with that information.)

- Sirmat 07:45, June 9, 2017 (UTC)

Just because Aoi is Zero's assistant, it does not mean his bracelet number can't be 0. There's no rule that Zero's bracelet number must be 0. The purpose of the Nonary Game wasn't to be honest, it was to make a timeline where Akane could survive. Secondly, "Proof 2" is just speculation and an assumption. Question 46 states his value is 0, so there's no way getting around that. It is the most official answer there is. —AlexShepherd 04:17, September 27, 2017 (UTC)

New Edit

What was the point of the edit made to this page and the Akane Kurashiki‎‎ page? Not only did it turn a perfectly fine segment into a longwinded and repetitive one, but it's literally copy-pasted on both articles, whereas the old versions were actually unique to each page and said everything there had to be said.

Furthermore, no citations or proof were provided. You turned a theory into a fact without providing a quote or proof for it. Could you please cite your sources before doing that? The old sections read "it's implied they used future sight to do this", the new section reads "they definitely used future sight to do this" but doesn't actually say when and where this is stated. Abearhead (talk) 01:03, September 27, 2017 (UTC)

The information in the Crash Keys section is common knowledge for series fans by now, as it has been known for years. It's stated in the 999 Q and A, #65. The theory that Akane saw into the future is correct, but the previous edit implied that Akane became a super esper who could see into every and any future timeline, when it actuality, it was only because she saw the future through Junpei's eyes that she learned about Cradle's stock. This should be specified, so no, the previous edit was not "perfectly fine" at all. The untrue implication would also contradict ZTD, as Akane had no knowledge of the VLR timeline. It makes sense to replace uncertain speculation with untrue implications, with an official answer instead. Also, I don't see how a mere paragraph being the same on two articles is a big issue. —AlexShepherd 04:08, September 27, 2017 (UTC)