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Suicidal Newscaster
Gender Female
Age Adult
Status Deceased
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Relatives Unknown
Occupation Newscaster
Appearances Virtue's Last Reward
Voice Juri Mizuno (Japanese)
Unknown (English)
"Today is April 13th, 2029, and this is the evening news. Unfortunately, I... I'm sorry. I don't have any news to read. All of our station's reporters have... have passed after contracting Radical-6. So have my... Excuse me... I've managed to keep us on the air until now, but I'm out of tricks. It's time for me to sign off. This concludes our broadcast day. I pray that someday our world can be cleansed of this horrible plague... goodbye."
— Suicidal Newscaster, final words

The Suicidal Newscaster was an unnamed news reporter briefly appearing in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.


She has blonde hair and blue eyes and wears a light brown suit.

Virtue's Last Reward

End or Beginning09:27

End or Beginning

The newscaster kills herself.

The Suicidal Newscaster appears in the "End or Beginning" segment. A TV turns on in Akane Kurashiki's headquarters. She talks about the destruction caused by Radical-6, hopes for a day when the virus will disappear from Earth, and shoots herself in the head with a handgun on April 13, 2029.


  • It is unknown if she was infected with Radical-6. However, given that her speech on the live TV seems to be in real-time instead of slowed down, she likely wasn't.
  • She is one of two Virtue's Last Reward characters with an unknown English voice actor, the other being G-OLM.

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