"Awww shit..."
— Clover, accidentally setting Science Boy on fire

Science Boy is a mannequin lying on a table with many electrodes sticking out of his head. Junpei develops a strong emotional connection with him.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

He was found by Junpei, Lotus, and Clover in the Laboratory escape room. Junpei becomes rather fond of Science Boy, and while examining the room, he later screams "Science Boy! Noooooooooo! Oh, the humanity!" when the mannequin's head becomes engulfed in flames, after Clover increases the voltage to the maximum level. Junpei becomes devastated that he has to leave his robot friend to die and refers to him as his "kin". Lotus and Clover, however, do not seem to share the emotional connection. If Junpei doesn't examine the mannequin enough times, he won't name it. He will also note that the burning mannequin looks funny, but mentions that it is more important to save Clover.


  • Science Boy is similar to Lord Hoppington in many aspects. They are both found in a Laboratory. One of the characters becomes fond of them and they get their names. Finally, something terrible happens to both of them.
  • Science boy is technically killed by Clover, since the voltage being increased to the maximum level caused his head to burst into flames.