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Religious fanatic
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown

Occupation Genocidal terrorist
Appearances Zero Time Dilemma (mentioned)

The unnamed religious fanatic is the secondary antagonist of Zero Time Dilemma, and is the person Delta claims to be trying to stop, assuming that Delta isn't lying about the fanatic's existence. He/she is a terrorist with aspirations that dwarf Free the Soul's; to wipe out all of humanity.

The identity of the terrorist is a total mystery -- not even their gender is known. It was specified that the fanatic was religious, but details on their faith/piety are unknown. It is also unknown if Delta knows who this person is and if they even exist.

Zero Time Dilemma

Dialogue by Delta reveals that a true motive for Delta's plan to kill 6 billion humans with Radical-6 (despite what Dio said in the previous game) is to prevent an even more deadly terrorist attack that would kill 8 billion people, perpetrated by this unknown terrorist. A terrorist attack by this religious fanatic will trigger a nuclear war killing all of humanity. He estimates that with 6 billion dead, he would have a 75% chance of killing the radical terrorist.

The ending of Zero Time Dilemma has Carlos deciding whether or not to execute Delta. It is possible that the radical terrorist lived to commit their plots if Delta was shot as the epilogue files suggest that Carlos did not kill Delta.


  • Ultimately, the identity of the terrorist, as well as their method for wiping out all of humanity, is unknown.
  • It is possible he/she was a SHIFTer who had something to do with the placement of the Snail.
  • Delta stated in the previous game that he wanted to wipe out humanity to create a new world only for his Myrmidons; but this motive is necessarily different from his stated motive of stopping the terrorist.

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