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Rec Room
People Carlos
Items Small wooden box
Bottle of water
Fire hook
Roulette wheel
Puzzle pieces
Card calendar
Wooden hammer
Round cylinder
Minigames Chess Cylinder
Three Dice
Heart Puzzle
Decision Game
Links Ward C
Music Lounge Remix
"How about a drink to pass time, then? There's a lot of things we can do here."
— Junpei, after hearing the door is locked

The Rec Room is an escape room in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. It is searched by Team C: Carlos, Junpei Tenmyouji and Akane Kurashiki.


A well-stocked bar complements all manner of entertainments and amusements to prevent the setting in of boredom during the long hours. These include a jukebox, slot machine, roulette table, and craps table.


Carlos, Akane, and Junpei wake up in this room and their bracelets inform them it is 2029. When Carlos determines they are locked in, Junpei suggest they have a drink to pass the time. Carlos reveals personal information about himself and the three resolve to escape the room and survive.


Small wooden box


The small wooden box is found on the left side of the bar counter.

Thrown into the fire in the fireplace. Its contents can be retrieved after the fire is doused using the bottle of water.

Bottle of water


The bottle of water is found on the rightmost shelf behind the bar.

Used to douse the fire after the small wooden box has been thrown in it.

Fire hook


The fire hook is found being held by the suit of armor to the right of the fireplace.

Used to open the storage cover under the BEER neon sign. Also used to retrieve the contents of the small wooden box after it has been placed in the fire.



The matches are found next to ashtray on the bar counter.

Used to start a fire in the fireplace.

Coin (x5)


There are 5 coins in the room. One is found inside the wooden cylinder after rotating the dials correctly. The second is found under the roulette wheel. The third falls out of the slot machine after the heart puzzle is completed. The fourth is unlocked after the dice are arranged in a particular order in the card table. The fifth is found after the small wooden box is burned in the fireplace.

Placed into the five slots in the machine beneath the surfboard to provide access to the red button.

Puzzle pieces


The puzzle pieces are found when the slot machine is powered on and the lever is pulled.

Used to make a heart shape on the bottom-left section of the slot machine.

Roulette wheel


The roulette wheel is found on the table to the right of the fireplace. It can be removed after the proper word is inputted into it.

Placed in the top part of the slot machine to turn it on.

Card calendar


The card calendar is found after the heart puzzle on the slot machine is completed.

Placed into the slot of the jukebox to release the dice. Also provides clues for the calculation of the dice placement.



The dice are found after the card calendar is placed in the jukebox's slot.

Placed in the slots on the card table to unlock a coin.

Wooden hammer


The wooden hammer is found in the floor storage beneath the BEER neon sign.

Used to knock out the 'C' piece of the chessboard on the table, which is the round cylinder

Round cylinder


The round cylinder is found after being removed from the chessboard on the table.

After rotating the dials correctly, a coin is found within it.


Chess Cylinder


Cylinder solution.

The answer is rook, bishop, king.


The answer is SPIN.

Three Dice

The answer is 635.

Heart Puzzle


The heart.

The player must rotate pieces to form a heart.

Decision Game


A new game is announced: Roll three dice, and if they don't all show a one, everyone on C-Team will be gunned down. Akane notes there is a 1/216 chance of rolling all ones.

  • If the dice don't all land on one, Carlos suggests that C-Team hides behind the bar. C-Team is gunned down in spite of the shelter provided by the bar.
  • If the dice do all land on one, the door opens. Junpei, ecstatic to be alive, dances out of the room after a short celebratory monologue.

Instead of having the player re-attempt this possibly hundreds of times, the player should always roll three ones on their third re-attempt.



The slot symbols.

Humorous Quotes

Examine the cigarettes:

Junpei dialog2 Junpei: AHHH! It's SUNSET 24!
Carlos dialog Carlos: And...why are you shouting, Junpei?
Junpei dialog2 Junpei: You don't know, Carlos?! They're super rare! You can't find them anywhere anymore! I memorized the slogan when I was a kid! "The setting sun at 24. A perfect match."
Akane dialog Akane: Men... Always wanting to be cool. It's just a cigarette.
Carlos dialog Carlos: Why do you have to be 24 to smoke it...? Whatever, you said it's rare?

Examine the lights in the ceiling:

Carlos dialog Carlos: Well, there are a grand total of ten lights on the ceiling...
Junpei dialog2 Junpei: I wonder if one will crack open with a "Congrats" banner once we get out of here.
Akane dialog Akane: I doubt Zero is the type to do something as cute as that...

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