Quantum Computer Dome
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The Quantum Computer Dome, or QCD, is a room found in Ward Q. However, it is not an escape room. It houses the central computer for the Underground Shelter.


The Quantum Computer Dome is a large white room that contains the Quantum computer at the back of it. Next to the computer is a small circular device that rises up from the ground and allows Sean to connect to the computer.


The purpose of the Quantum Computer is to control the different Sean units throughout the facility and control their thinking throughout the Decision Game. Zero also reveals that the Quantum computer contains all of the histories inside it and that if someone were to access it they could jump freely through time.

Virtual Ending

In the HAPPY-END, the room is visited by Q. He meets Zero II to get answer for his questions. There, Zero told him that his name is "Sean" and that he is based on the real Sean; a boy who died from a deadly illness because of a number of "coincidences". Then, after Zero finished his story, he made Sean go through another Decision Game, where he shows Sean a button and he has to decide to press it or to refuse. If he pressed the button, his mind will have entered the Quantum Computer, where he will become "uniquely himself". But if he refused, his data will get deleted and he will receive a "complete death".


Force Quit Code


Helmet Code



  • The letters QCD are also the names of the three teams in the Decision Game.