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Power Room
People Carlos
Items Block of tin
Freezing extinguisher
Sink plug (x2)
Steel mold
Minigames Rectangle Rotate
Greek Alphabet
Links Ward C
Music Unknown name
"This nuclear reactor automatically supplies electricity for years without any extra input."
— Akane, after reading the manual

The Power Room is an escape room. It can only be accessed after completing the Rec Room.


The facility is powered by the nuclear reactor found in this room. The self-regulating system can run for years without maintenance.


Carlos, Akane, and Junpei wake up in this room, which is set at -10 degrees Celsius. The computer panels for the reactor and two lockers do not have power. There are two sinks, but no water is flowing to them, and there are exposed wires coming off a box on one wall.


Block of tin


The block of tin is found in the bottom cabinet of the right locker.

It can be placed in the left hole in the furnace on the left to unlock the furnace door.

Freezing extinguisher


The freezing extinguisher is found in the top cabinet of the right locker.

It is used to freeze the water in the drainage ditch after completing the Wires minigame.



The key can be found after lighting the furnace on the left.

It is used on the keyhole under the lever to allow the lever to be pulled.



The matches are found on the floor in front of the power distribution panel.

They can be used to light both of the furnaces in the room.

Sink plug (x2)


The sink plugs are found after completing the Rectangle Rotate puzzle, located in the bottom of the left locker.

They can be placed in each of the sinks to cause an overflow.

Steel mold


The steel mold is found in the top cabinet of the left locker.

It can be placed in the right hole in the furnace on the left to unlock the furnace door.


Rectangle Rotate

One side has a blue circle in the center. The other side has a pink circle in the center.

Greek Alphabet


Correct placement.

Not a single piece needs to be rotated.

For the top row, make it look similar to "BEAX".



The laser puzzle complete.

  • 1st row: Up all the way
  • 3rd row: Down one
  • 5th row: Down all the way
  • 6th row: Down twice

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the thermometer before you warm up the room:
    Akane dialog Akane: This thermometer is sitting at -10 degrees Celsius!
    Carlos dialog Carlos: Christ! No wonder it's so damn cold in here!
    Junpei dialog2 Junpei: I remember there was a theme park once with a -30 degree attraction. Too cold for me...

  • Put the key in the lever:
    Junpei dialog2 Junpei: The key's in. I'm ready to pull the lever on your command.
    Akane dialog Akane: Why do you look so happy about this, Junpei?
    Carlos dialog Carlos: Too much anime? That does look like a lever that'd control a giant robot.
    Junpei dialog2 Junpei: Whoa, that's an old reference! You like to watch those too, Carlos?
    Carlos dialog Carlos: I like machines. My sister's not a fan, but she enjoys watching almost anything on TV.
    Akane dialog Akane: You truly love your sister, don't you?
    Junpei dialog2 Junpei: And now we're off-topic! I'm pulling it!

  • Turn the gas valve on the right side of the room:
    Junpei dialog2 Junpei: The gas valve on the wall is shut.
    Akane dialog Akane: Let's open it then! La lala la!