Aliases None
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Occupation Operator for Mars Mission Test Site
Appearances Virtue's Last Reward (mentioned)
Zero Time Dilemma (mentioned)
Voice Shinobu Matsumoto (Japanese)
Unknown (English)
"This is Control, I repeat, this is Control. We have an emergency situation! We have an unconfirmed report of six deceased test subjects! Deploy rescue and escort teams to the test site immediately!"
— Operator, calling for help on the Mars Mission Test Site recording

The Operator is an unnamed man working at the Mars Mission Test Site in Nevada.

Virtue's Last Reward


Operator talking to the participant.

After completing the Pressure Exchange Chamber, Sigma, Tenmyouji and Clover find a blue memory card at the safe. Later they have a look at the recording using the monitor in the Infirmary. The recording is from December 31, 2028.

The Operator comments upon the Lunar Eclipse, Phobos, and Deimos. He notices that no one is responding and is confused by this. Suddenly, he and the team discover that their feed has been hacked, and he asks for someone to respond. A female participant responds, telling him that six of the participants are dead and mentions that she killed six billion people. He calls for rescue and escort teams to be deployed while wondering what had occurred at the facility.

Zero Time Dilemma


Diana calling the operator.

Diana is directly seen making the transmission that would become this recording in the ending "D-END:1" (which is, along with "C-END: 1", the ending that leads up to Virtue's Last Reward). No photographic depictions, or additional lines from this operator can be found in game.


  • The operator's voice appears to be that of Jamieson Price, who also voices Zero Sr. and the detective in Phi's analogy story during the Round 1 AB Game against Alice.