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"And there you have it. The number 9 is everywhere in this game. He's got a real theme of 9s for this whole thing. No wonder it's called the Nonary Game."
— Lotus, on the Nonary Game
Zero rules

Nonary Game rules.

The Nonary Game is a game that Zero, the one who had started the game, described as a game where 9 people will have to put their lives on the line. The main goal is to escape the place they are held in captivity and seek a door that carries a 9.

The Nonary Game actually took place more than once, with the First Nonary Game and the Second Nonary Game being prominent events. The whole concept of the Nonary Game comes from its creator, Dashiell Gordain, an eccentric English millionaire who was a survivor of the Titanic's sinking and had sought to buy anything Titanic-related after the disaster.

Original Nonary Games

Allice for auction

Gordain, the creator of the Nonary Games.

The original Nonary Games took place on the Gigantic, which Gordain bought, as it was one of the sister ships of the Titanic. Gordain would take young Englishmen who had accumulated massive debts and force them to play the Nonary Game. Gordain made the Nonary Game even more of a horrifying game, as he made his millionaire friends bet money on who would survive or die. The losers would burn in the incinerator as a sacrifice during the ceremony. While burning, they would wear Free the Soul robes. After many years of Nonary Games, he died of old age in 1931, but his successors continued the Nonary Games.

First Nonary Game

Craddle photo

The creators of the first Nonary Game celebrating in hopes of the success of the Nonary Project.

Main article: First Nonary Game

Later on, in one of the Nonary Games, Gentarou Hongou, the CEO of Cradle Pharmaceutical, was forced to participate in the game, but emerged as the winner in the end. Hongou, who wanted to buy the Gigantic as part of his experiment on morphogenetic fields, convinced the successor and millionaires to sell the ship to him, under the assumption that Hongou was planning to improve their version of the Nonary Game. The ship was used as the setting of the Nonary Project, known as the First Nonary Game.

Second Nonary Game

Main article: Second Nonary Game

9 years after the First Nonary Game, the Second Nonary Game took place orchestrated by Zero.

Third Nonary Game

Main article: Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition

45 years after the Second Nonary Game, the third Nonary Game took place. It was known as the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. It had significantly different features and game play than its predecessors. It also took place at an entirely new location. Much like the Second Nonary Game, its purpose was to foster the esper abilities of someone.

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