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  • Hey there, Groupoid.

    Do you remember me? It's been a while since I abruptly disappeared 2-3 years ago and never offered any explanation. What had happened 2 years ago was that It simply became too stressful for me to balance working on the wiki along with the mounting pressures of life at the time and I just never came back. When the stressful event was over, I had been gone for so long that I could never bring myself to come back and continue working on the wiki. You were the most active editor at the time, and I assumed that you had left and moved on as well.

    And so, after a year, I thought this wiki had died with neglect. And that made me more afraid to take a look at the wiki all this time.

    But finally, one day, I finally mustered up the courage to do so. And after what I saw, I only had but one word to say: WOW.

    I asked myself, "Who was responsible for all this?" And I saw that most of the edits had come from you. I could not believe that you had continued my work on the wiki and exceeded it by at least two-fold.

    I'm happy to see a lot of sections that I wrote and the work that I put into them got preserved and they're still here, but I'm even more impressed by how much more work you've done and how much you've transformed this place for the better. It's incredible.

    This wiki has defied my expecations. You have defied my expecations.

    And so, from the depths of my heart, I thank you. For all you've done. For all your work that you've put into improving and preserving this wiki. That means a lot to me. May your efforts be rewarded in life.

    I cannot say that this message signifies my full return to this wiki. There's so much that I've missed and need to catch up on. But, if you need an extra helping hand with anything, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

    Thank you,

    343 GuiltySpark Talk PageContributions 23:44, June 2, 2014 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there, sorry for not even replying to your message, I'm really busy with my business irl, and never open this page again.

    But before I leave, I actually ended giving admin power to 343 GuiltySpark

    I see you've been really active in this wiki, so I will give you the same privilage as 343 GuiltySpark, but you have to wait since I really forgot how to navigate around this wiki ;)

    Lastly, thanks for your superb effort in contributing to this wiki, I'm really happy to see people do manage this wiki like their own :D

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  • Hey I saw you're quite interested in 999 game and also in the wiki. I'm not expert when dealing with wiki editing so I wanted to tell you some information I haven't seen in the wiki and I think it's important. Maybe it's already obvious or its mentioned and I missed it but anyway: When checking the official site of 999, there is a section of questions answered by the creator of the game. He says something about the code to open the safe (14383421). If you multiply it by 9, you get 129450789. It's mentioned as the significance of the code. You can deduct that it holds the bracelet value of the game. Ace's is 1, Snake is 2, Santa (the third number) is not 3 but 9, Clover is 4, Junpei is 5, June is actually 0 not 6, and the rest have their normal numbers. Hope this is useful.

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