The robots.

The manufacturing robots, named Alex, Betty and Charlie, are encountered in tn the Manufacturing room in Zero Time Dilemma by Team D.


Alex is a green and silver colored robot who is rather taciturn, but polite. He will offer D-Team a note while they are disarming a bomb. Based on Sigma's comment that the robots show a progression of prototypes, Phi theorizes that Alex is the oldest model.

Betty is a blue and purple colored robot who seems hyper and rude. If D-Team attempts to talk to her repeatedly, she asks if they're stupid for not setting the bomb timer to 0 seconds. She is apparently programed with pop culture references, including knowing the "set us up the bomb" from the mistranslation of the video game Zero Wing.

Charley is a blue and yellow colored robot, who does not like being stared at. He is the one who informs D-Team that Betty has activated the timer inside the box, lets them know they have five minutes to disarm it, and tells them that there should be clues in the form of blueprints in the room.

Zero Time Dilemma

Sigma, Phi, and Diana meet the robots inside of the room. Betty is the robot who represents the color 'red' in the blueprints. She activates a bomb detonator that will explode if not stopped. Charlie represents 'blue' and Alex represents 'white'.


  • During the Manufacturing Puzzle, Betty will start moving almost erratically around the room saying random phrases. Among those phrases, Betty makes references to television series Doctor Who, 1980 psy-horror film The Shining, and the 1987 romantic drama film Dirty Dancing.

"Nobody puts Baby? In a corner! Corner! Here's Johnny! I'm the Doctor! Who? WHO! HaHa Time!"