Aliases Moony *
GTF-DM-L-016 *
Miss Luna *
Woman B *
Runa (ルナ) *
Gender Female
Age Unknown (physical appearance of young woman, completed sometime between 2057-2070)
Status Active (VLR Ending)
Existence Unconfirmed (ZTD Ending)
Hair color Orange
Eye color Blue
Red (under ABT)
Occupation Medical GAULEM (Sigma and Akane's assistant)
Appearances Virtue's Last Reward
Zero Time Dilemma (mentioned)
Voice Mamiko Noto (Japanese)
Laura Bailey (English)
"You believed in me this whole time... Even though I look like... like this...? Thank you... Thank you so much..."
— Luna to Sigma, while she is dying in Luna END

GTF-DM-L-016, also known as Luna, is a kind and intelligent young "woman" forced to play the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Although she doesn't go into detail about her life before the Nonary Game (except in Luna END), she claims to have a medical license and her skills are used several times in the game to heal and save the lives of players.

She speaks softly, and always advocates for the most peaceful, optimistic solution. Empathetic to a fault, Luna never votes betray and always chooses to ally, unless her partner picks it for her. She does her best to ensure no one dies in the Nonary Game and maintain everyone's survival, even if it means putting her life on the line in the AB Games.



Diana, the basis of Luna.

Luna's physical appearance is based on Diana's. She has slightly droopy blue eyes and thin eyebrows. Luna's coral orange hair is tied in a bun with a braid resembling a milk braid with two long strands on each side of her face in the front, accompanied with short, side-swept bangs. Since she is a GAULEM, her hair and artificial skin is made of Artificial Biological Tissue.

She wears a light purple, long-sleeved blouse under a white vest and a long, dark purple skirt with a white geometric design near the bottom. The skirt is tied around her waist with a ribbon. She also has purple stockings and white slippers. Like the other players, she wears a bracelet on her left wrist.


Luna's necklace of a sad and lonely trapped bluebird, unable to find freedom.

Her necklace is a caged bluebird, which also functions as a music box that plays "Blue Bird Lamentation", a reference to the caged bluebird's loneliness and sorrow. Zero Sr. gave it to her as a gift, and Zero Sr. originally received it from Diana. The bluebird symbolizes happiness, while the cage symbolizes captivity. The necklace was inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck's play The Blue Bird. In Maeterlinck's original story, it doesn't end with Tytyl and Mytyl waking up. When Tytyl and Mytyl try to feed the bird, it leaves the cage and flies away. It reminds Luna of the following lessons: "Search for happiness wherever you can because the search itself is what will make you truly happy." and "Happiness is closer than you think."



Luna speaking in the B. Garden.

Luna is a pacifist who enjoys peace and hates violence and fighting. She is capable of being gentle, caring, modest, and humble. She has a pure heart. She frequently acts as a mediator during debates. She can also be encouraging, such as when she tries to motivate Clover to survive in order to find out who Alice's killer is. Luna rarely gets angered - one of the few moments (and possibly only moment) in the game when Luna is angry is when Dio suggests the possibility of Quark being dead. Then Luna says, "How could you!? Why would you say such a horrible thing!?"

She completely trusts everyone and doesn't want anyone to die. She thinks the best of everyone and gives people the benefit of the doubt. As such, she always votes ally and will feel heartbroken and devastated when anyone chooses betray against her, on the verge of tears.[1] Knowing this, Phi once called Luna "gullible". She can also get upset easily and has thin skin, and possesses rather sensitive and delicate emotions.

Luna is a little introverted as evidenced by her shyness and timidness. She doesn't really have any friends or acquaintances, so she's lonely, and her loneliness hurts her, feeling she could just collapse from the inside out some days. Luna occasionally has a nervous stutter when she speaks and often has a hint of sorrow and sadness in her voice, as if she has a heavy burden on her shoulders.

Despite her nice tendencies, Luna can be very vengeful if Sigma chooses betray against her. The latter of the two game overs on her path involves her getting Quark to safety while leaving everyone else trapped in the warehouse forever (in the former game over, Tenmyouji's the one who gets Quark out instead, with Luna's whereabouts unknown). Also, despite her tendency to vote ally, she is also considerate if her partner wishes to betray.[2]


Luna's body covered in blood after her suicide.

Luna is not human, but rather an artificial intelligence which seems to possess emotions. Despite being a robot, she is afraid and scared of "death." Due to her status as a GAULEM, she follows the Three Laws of Robotics created by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov. She will not disobey a single order given by Akane Kurashiki or Zero Sr., even if she does not approve of their plan. Luna seems to have a complex towards herself for not being human - in her own words, she's nothing but "just a machine - a jumble of metal and plastic that pretends to be real."

Due to being a robot, Luna is rather intelligent, as shown when she discusses gravity.[3]

It becomes apparent that Luna has a crush on Sigma Klim, as shown by her GAULEM ID password reversed (I LOVE KLIM), although it appears to be an unrequited love. This crush is also something Sigma never programmed - Luna developed it on her own. When they are both about to die in the bomb explosion, Luna smiles at him, likely to comfort him in his impending final moments.


Luna scanning Quark with the ADAM.

Luna claimed to have a medical license while pretending to be human, but nonetheless she is capable of operating medical machinery (the ADAM is one notable example). Additionally, she is able to apply medicines like Soporil as well using an injection gun. She is installed with a digital medical database in her mainframe. Luna's medical occupation is because her human counterpart, Diana, was a nurse.

As seen in the B. Garden, Luna loves nature and greenery because it makes her feel happy. She also tends to meet with Sigma there often because she says it is "perfect for a serious conversation". The B. Garden is a contrast to the rest of the facility which has a metallic industrial feel. She is also upset when Sigma digs up skunk cabbages, showing she has empathy for plants and presumably all matter of living beings such as animals.



Luna's GAULEM data in the Director's Office.

Luna is a GAULEM, a robot developed by an American technology company called Hephaestus Systems. She is physically based on a woman named Diana who participated in the Mars Mission Test Site simulation in Nevada in December 2028. Diana survived the apocalypse, only to die in 2032 from a circulatory illness that she developed from being on the Moon. Luna is equipped with ABT and was programmed by Sigma Klim. Sigma created her sometime between 2032-2070 to assist him and Akane with their work, and for the AB Project to succeed. It took Sigma 25 years to build her. Sigma loved Luna less like a partner and more like a daughter.

K boy

Kyle Klim.

Sometime in the 2050s or 2060s, Kyle Klim wanted a mother so Sigma asked Luna to play the role of his mother. In actuality, Luna wasn't created because Kyle asked for her, but this is probably what young Kyle interpreted. A few months later, Sigma called Kyle into the lab and introduced him to a young woman. Kyle was ecstatic, that is, until her name-or rather, her ID number, GTF-DM-L-016, was said. It was Luna, a GAULEM modeled after Diana, the woman Sigma once loved. While it resembled a human, Kyle wanted a real mother, a real human, something a robot could never be, since robots are programmed to show certain emotions. When Kyle complained, his father chastised him and shooed him away from the lab and called him a whiner. Kyle was shocked, then angry.

Kyle did not accept her because she was a GAULEM. Still, Kyle spent some time with Luna. Despite that Luna was a robot, she acted, talked, and looked like a real human. However, Kyle refused to answer her or be with her and locked himself into his room since she was still a robot. Kyle would gain nothing from this robot that his educational software couldn't provide anyways. Due to his lack of relation to Luna, she looked sad, but Kyle coldly reminded himself that she was just a robot. He figured a robot couldn't truly be sad and she was merely programmed to appear sad, and a robot's fake facade of artificial sadness meant nothing to him. Ultimately, Kyle stopped expecting things from his father and began to realize he never really had a real relationship with his father.


Luna receiving orders from Akane Kurashiki.

In 2074, Luna is instructed by Sigma and Akane to participate in the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. Should Akane be killed, Luna was to drag her body into her AB Room -- specifically, the sixth AB Room on the right. If Akane did not die, she was to participate normally, Luna also must not divulge any information about the game or Dio and play as if she was human. Finally, she was supposed to make sure that nothing interfered with the game's progress. Luna however was shocked that Akane would just let someone die so easily. Akane tells her that she has to follow her orders and do what she tells her and that Luna is programmed to follow her orders.

Virtue's Last Reward

Luna in game

Luna in Warehouse A of Rhizome 9.

Following Akane's orders, Luna placed Akane's body in her AB Room (the right-most AB Room). Luna's body is deactivated once she enters the AB Room. However, since Luna's brain is in the main computer of Rhizome 9, she still witnesses Dio kill Akane via security cameras (in the applicable timelines in which Akane dies only).

Soon after, she is reactivated and discovers she is a blue solo. She quickly escapes and is the second person out of the AB Rooms. Soon, all of the other players except for K and Clover end up in Warehouse A. After introducing herself, K jumps from the top of the leftmost AB Room with a sedated Clover. After K claims he cannot remember anything, Luna suspects that he has generalized amnesia. Moments later, Clover wakes up and learns what has happened and Zero III introduces the rules of the game to the other players. The Chromatic Doors open and Luna asks Sigma to pick a door.

When the players were solving their escape room, Zero III moved the AB Room using a crane from the very right to the very left AB Room. In doing so, this also revealed Dio's knife and would later expose it to Alice, as well as prevent suspicion of Luna.

Sigma END

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward PS Vita Walkthrough Part 66 (Sigma End Part 1)

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward PS Vita Walkthrough Part 66 (Sigma End Part 1)

Sigma and Luna talk in the B. Garden.

In Sigma END's route, Luna talks to Sigma in the garden about her blue bird pendant and her past. Luna asks Sigma why he knows about the garden, since he never went there while looking for the garden, due to him going here in the timeline where he failed to save Alice. Luna asks if Sigma is a robot, due to his knowledge of the garden and the white liquid from Sigma's cut. She tells him about Artificial Biological Tissue and how it can make robots look like humans. She also tells him about the three laws of robotics. They realize the ADAM can be used to figure out if Sigma is human or robotic. They hear Phi trying to spy on them and notice Bomb #1 on the tree. They then go to the infirmary and tell everyone about the bomb. Phi decides to search everyone for the bombs, but Sigma tells everyone Dio planted the bomb and Dio confirms it, setting the bombs on a detonator.

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward PS Vita Walkthrough Part 67 (Sigma End Part 2)

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward PS Vita Walkthrough Part 67 (Sigma End Part 2)

Luna scans Sigma's arms with the ADAM before they all die in the explosion.

After initially searching with Phi in the Crew Quarters, he goes to the Infirmary, where he finds Luna. She offers to use the ADAM to scan Sigma, but he initially rejects it, wanting to look for Bomb #2 and the input device since knowing the truth of his body won't mean a thing if he's dead. However he allows her to scan him after she tells him that it won't take long. Sigma learns that he is human but has cyber-kinetic arms. Luna explains that they are supposed to work like real arms, so the tubocurarine inside the bracelets would still be a problem.

Just before the bombs explode, Sigma is scared of Luna because she is so eerily calm when they are about to die. He says she resembles a "machine with a human face", foreshadowing she is a robot. She tells him that she received very specific instructions and tells him a string of numbers and letters (her product ID) which will open the first gate. After this Luna tells Sigma that she hopes to see him again, and the bombs then explode, destroying the facility and everyone inside it.

Luna END


Phi and Luna in the Lounge.

Sigma chooses to go with Luna through the magenta door with Phi and the trio ends up in the Lounge. After escaping, Sigma, Luna, and Phi meet up with the others and find the second set of Chromatic Doors. Once back to Warehouse A, the body of Akane Kurashiki is discovered and Luna scans the body in a virtual autopsy. She states that Akane was stabbed with a knife. Dio immediately accuses K of killing her because the body was found in the AB Room that he was in. K denies it, saying that only Clover was inside the room with him and she was unconscious. Soon afterwards, the AB Game begins and Luna chooses to ally with Sigma and Phi. The results of the game show that Sigma also allied with her, bringing their BP to 5.

For the second round of the AB Game, Luna is a yellow solo. After Zero III finishes explaining the rules, Luna heads to the Crew Quarters with Tenmyouji and Clover. While there, she runs into Sigma, who asks what the purpose of the Nonary Game is. Luna makes up a fake theory that it might be a reality show. Her comment about Akane being killed for money angers Tenmyouji. Soon, the Chromatic Doors on Floor B open and the players must once again decide which doors to go through. Luna suggests going with either Sigma or Phi, since they allied with her in the first round. However, the other players cannot come to a decision until Quark starts murmuring about how they should all die. Tenmyouji takes Quark with him because he is a pair.


G-OLM the GAULEM in the GAULEM Bay.

Luna then heads through the green door with Sigma and Alice. They find the GAULEM Bay behind the green door and meet a GAULEM known as G-OLM. He explains about the Chinese Room and almost tells Sigma and Alice that Luna is a GAULEM, but he is quickly terminated by Zero III.

Soon after, Dio opens the AB Room. Upon returning, she learns that Tenmyouji, Quark, and Clover had not returned yet. Luna starts to worry, but Alice finds something at the rightmost AB Room. Just as Sigma is going to ask her what it is, Tenmyouji and Clover return saying that Quark has vanished. The eight players split up to search for Quark. While searching, Luna learns that Alice has been stabbed and she goes to tell Sigma and Phi, Alice's fate. Once everyone is regrouped except for Quark, Phi accuses Dio of killing Alice because he found her. Dio posits that Clover might have committed the crime because she was the last person with Alice. Clover gets very upset about Alice's death and runs off, Tenmyouji pursuing her.

The second round of the AB Game begins and Dio suggests that Luna might betray Sigma. Luna says she trusts Sigma and will ally. When K asks Phi if they are going to ally, she says that Dio might betray. She then locks Dio out of the AB Room and K goes to vote. Luna then votes ally, along with Sigma, bringing her BP up to 7. Sigma says that he will definitely choose ally in the third round. Luna, however, is upset about Alice's death, but Sigma says that Quark's BP is 9 at the end of the round. After Clover yells at Tenmyouji for betraying her, they both go their separate ways to search for Quark. After K and Phi speak about allying in the AB Game, Luna discovers she is a green solo. The four players agree to split up into two groups to find Quark. Sigma and Phi would work together and K and Luna would search together. Upon reaching Floor B, Luna and K split up, saying that it would be easier to find Quark that way. Luna soon finds Quark collapsed by the GAULEM Bay and places him inside a Treatment Pod in the Treatment Center, which was opened by Zero III. She removes his bracelet with the aluminum foil from the Crew Quarters. She soon takes Tenmyouji to see Quark and explains what happened to him, and gives him Quark's bracelet.


Clover struggles with Luna for the tubocurarine injection gun in the Crew Quarters.

She then runs into Clover somewhere on Floor B. She takes Luna to the Crew Quarters and interrogates her about Alice's death. Luna tries to explain to Clover that Alice suicided because of Radical-6. Clover doesn't believe any of it, and takes out the injection gun filled with tubocurarine from the Infirmary, which both women fight over. During their fight, Luna is accidentally injected with the gun and Zero III deactivates her to maintain the illusion that Luna is human and not a robot. Clover runs off to get the AED to revive Luna, but Dio manages to tie her to the sink with Tenmyouji, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. After the Chromatic Doors close, they are both killed by the penalty.


K and Dio dead in the Rec Room.

At this point, Luna is in the mainframe of the computer and witnesses Sigma and Phi in the Security room, looking through G-OLM's logs, and Dio and K killing each other in the Rec Room. After Sigma and Phi find Clover and Tenmyouji dead, Luna hacks into Zero III and reactivates her body. She quickly gets the Star Key from Dio and K's bodies and opens one of the AB Rooms. She then runs off quickly without running into Sigma and Phi. They then decide to search the room that Dio and K searched behind the White doors, which turns out to be the Director's Office. After a few jumps by Sigma, he is able to log into Zero's computer and access the GAULEM records. They both learn that Luna is a GAULEM, and most importantly, she was still active.


Sigma and Phi win the AB Game with six dead players (Akane Kurashiki is dead, not Quark).

Phi suspects that Clover's final message of "016" is a clue to Luna's GAULEM ID number, but Sigma thinks otherwise. Later the third Ambidex Game starts, and Phi and Sigma turn around to see Luna on the outside, just as the doors close. Ironically they will have to play the AB Game against her. Phi still thinks that Luna killed Tenmyouji and Clover and tries to convince Sigma to betray her, as she will most likely betray them to keep them from leaving through the Number Nine Door. In the end, Sigma picks ally and Luna did not vote, automatically allying, allowing Sigma and Phi to get 9 BP and escape the facility with an unconscious Quark.

Luna End - Part 1

Luna End - Part 1

Sigma leaves Phi and Quark to meet with Luna in the B. Garden.

After sending Phi through the Number Nine Door with Quark and choosing to stay behind, saying he did not regret his decision, Sigma meets Luna in the B. Garden, remembering their talk in Sigma's ending. Luna confirms that she is indeed a GAULEM. She tells him about her orders leading to the start of the Ambidex Game. Upon completing her task, Luna was deactivated in her AB Room until the start of the Nonary Game. When asked about how Quark's bracelet being removed, despite that Quark had not died, she explains that she used tin foil for its electromagnetic blocking properties.

Luna END - Part 2

Luna END - Part 2

Luna and Sigma discuss the murders.

Luna then recounts the deaths of all the other players. Alice killed herself with the knife she found near Warehouse A, which originally belonged to Dio. Dio hid it between his and Quark's original AB Room and Luna's original AB Room after he murdered the old woman. Zero III later moved Luna's AB Room while the other players were in the first set of Chromatic Doors. Later, she had entered Room 2 with Clover following close behind. Clover began to question Luna, but when Luna did not give Clover the answer she was looking for, Clover took out the injection gun with tubocurarine. Luna fought to take the gun away from Clover, however, the gun accidentally pierced Luna's neck, presumably killing her. After Luna falls on the ground, Clover tries to revive Luna but is unable to.

Clover fled in fear, believing to have killed her, but Luna, as a GAULEM, was merely deactivated to keep the illusion that she is human. Clover runs to the infirmary to get the AED. On the way towards the infirmary, she runs into Dio. After seeing Luna supposedly dead and taking the knife that Alice used to kill herself, he follows Clover to the infirmary. Once in the infirmary, Dio overpowered Clover and Tenmyouji and handcuffed them to a sink in the Infirmary, leading to their deaths. Before her death, Clover wrote "dio" on her left leg, which when transferred to her right leg, being read as "016". Finally when questioned by K, Dio gravely wounded K. However with the last of his strength, K killed Dio before succumbing to his wound.


Luna's hair falls off her scalp.

Luna asks Sigma if he could hug her. Sigma awkwardly tries to but as he strokes her hair to reassure her, a bunch of her hair comes off into his hand. Luna's ABT begins to deteriorate due to the tubocurarine, causing the muscle fibers holding her ABT together to lose their binding. Luna asks Sigma if he's scared of her because she's a deteriorating robot falling apart, but Sigma tightly hugs her back, telling her that is why he trusts her. As her ABT skin rapidly falls off of her GAULEM skeleton, Luna thanks Sigma for always trusting her despite being a robot and believing in her in spite of all the situations where she appeared guilty.

Luna 4

Luna hugs Sigma as she dies. Her face crumbles off as her ABT deteriorates.

Luna mentions that she broke the Three Laws of Robotics and allowed a human to die when she could have prevented it, not just once, but ultimately six times. She then reveals she could have prevented everyone from dying if she disobeyed her orders. Luna tells Sigma that a deactivated GAULEM cannot reactivate itself unless Akane, Zero Sr., or Zero III order them to, however, Luna's digital mind hacked Zero III and reactivated herself while temporarily deactivating Zero III to allow herself to help Sigma and Phi as much as she could. She also mentions that by going rogue and hacking Zero III, her mind in the system will be terminated and that when Zero III reactivates himself, she will finally be dead forever with her memories and consciousness permanently deleted.

Luna END - Part 3

Luna END - Part 3

Luna's final moment with Sigma.

Despite Luna feeling that she deserves to die because she indirectly killed six people, Sigma reassures her that everyone's deaths were not her fault. He assures her that she only obeyed orders and that the true villain is Zero Sr., who set up the game, and says that it is painful to watch others die around you. Luna thanks him for being so kind to her and is happy to die in his embrace. She gives her final thanks and cryptically says "Goodbye... Doctor." Sigma is confused by that last word, but realizes that Luna has died. Alone in the B. Garden, Sigma cries in despair as he can do nothing about the dead GAULEM.


On Phi's route, Luna goes through the Yellow Door with Dio and Quark and explores the Infirmary with them.

In the first round of the Ambidex Game, both parties choose ally. As a result, all of them have 5 BP. In the second round, she is a yellow pair and her partner is Sigma. They go through the red Chromatic Door and explore the Control Room, where they find an antimatter reactor and a machine similar to a calculator.

In the second round of the Ambidex Game, she and Sigma get betrayed by Phi, who wanted revenge for Sigma's betrayal in another timeline. After Sigma manages to stop Phi from leaving, Luna discovers that she is a magenta pair with Clover. After Sigma and Phi manage to disarm the bombs, she and Clover carry Alice through one of the Chromatic Doors and explore the Director's Office.

Sigma and Phi find two vials of Axelavir in the Q room. Luna heals Quark and Alice of their Radical-6 using it.

Later, she escapes Rhizome 9 along with the other players, except for Dio. They return to the B. Garden in Rhizome 9. When Akane reveals the truth about the Nonary Game, she explains that it would be better if the others ask Luna about her role in the AB Project later, which she agrees to.

Another Time END


Luna speaking to ? as Kyle.

In Another Time END, Luna is seen in the Infirmary, looking after Dio by keeping him unconscious. She also speaks with ?, explaining to him what had happened while he was asleep. She also mentions that the antiviral treatment has been given to the other players to cure them of Radical-6. She then tells ? where Tenmyouji and Quark are.

Zero Time Dilemma

Outbreak (2)

After solving Manufacturing, Sigma and Diana have a talk and Sigma mentions Luna, as the robots in the room reminded him of Luna. Sigma mentions how he used to build the appearance and AI of robots, and how one robot in particular, Luna, was modeled after a close friend who died. Sigma simply refers to this friend as "D" (secretly for Diana). Sigma mentions his closeness to Luna, and how he loved her less like a partner and more like a daughter.

D-END: 1

Some time after Sigma and Akane arrived on the Moon, Sigma spent decades of his life living alone in Rhizome 9, without calls or email. Diana joined him and lived together for three years. They spent time researching genetics and studying various subjects like quantum mechanics, cosmology, biochemistry and artificial intelligence. As a result of the weak gravity of the shelter, an illness developed in Diana's circulatory system and she passed away soon after.

Due to his loneliness after her death, he recreated her appearance as best as he could, making her thought patterns match as close as possible. Luna was completed 25 years later and Sigma developed feelings for her, not as a lover but as a daughter.

D-Team Game Over 5 - Don't Press the Button

After Sigma has been fatally stabbed by a hooded figure, he mistook Diana for "Luna". He apologizes to her saying that his SHIFT's connection has been cut, and this will cause her, Kyle, Lagomorph not to be born in that world.


In the true ending, it is unknown if Sigma recreates Luna.


  • "P-please don't fight..."
  • "We need to work together or we're really going to be in trouble... Please?"
  • "Maybe it's... for entertainment. So rich, powerful people can watch. They're probably off in an opulent theater, watching us struggle while they drink brandy and eat caviar..." (Luna theorizing the Nonary Game's purpose)
  • "Y-Y-Your face is s-scaring me..." (when Sigma enthusiastically asks if she's single)
  • "Yes, it seems like a perfectly normal table... Aaaah! I thought I saw a face in the table and I... I got scared..."
  • "Huh? O-Oh, um.... Ahahahahaha...." (when Sigma asks Luna for a drink)
  • "Okay, it's nice and lubricated now. All slick and slippery. Just slide it right in there, okay? Maybe now it'll open... Okay, now that you've got it all lubed up, you should stick it in!" (after Sigma rubs a rusty key in oil)

Luna commenting on Sigma's shed house.

  • "Is that true, Sigma? Is this shed really your house? You must be going through a rough time."
  • "You're going to dig up the cabbage? Poor thing, it's never done anything to you..."
  • "Are... are you trying to get me to take my clothes off?" (when Sigma says that if she gets dirty, she can wash her clothes in the nearby stream)
  • "Sigma... why... Y-You promised... How could you...? Why won't you say something? At least give me an e-excuse! Say... say you wanted to protect everybody... or you slipped and hit the wrong button! Anything! I don't care if it's a lie! Just... just say something... I... I can't trust you anymore, can I...? I see. All right then. You did it so that you could get more points, right? I trusted you... Goodbye." (if Sigma betrays her)
  • "How could you!? Why would you say such a horrible thing!?" (to Dio, when he suggests the possibility of Quark being dead)
  • "Oh no... Oh no, oh no, oh no..." (after Sigma's bracelet activates)
  • "Should you encounter a two-headed lion devouring the sun, remember: GTF-DM-L-016. With this key, the first gate shall be open to you."
  • "I hope we can meet again someday. I'll be waiting... I'll be waiting..." (final words in Sigma END)
  • "Being surrounded by nature makes me feel... happy."
  • "Maybe it's because I'm so shy, but I don't really have any friends. Or even any acquaintances, really... So I've sort of always been... alone. It was really hard. I felt so lonely a lot of the time... And it... it hurt. It felt like I was just going to kind of... collapse from the inside out."
  • "Sigma... Are you... are you a robot?"
  • "A robot without the Three Laws is just a bunch of metal and plastic."
  • "I just... Why do you trust me so much? I'm a machine. I'm PART of this place! How can you trust a machine?"
  • "I'm a GAULEM. Just a... a machine... A jumble of metal and plastic that pretends to be real."
  • "Thank you... thank you so much. I wish I could stay here forever... you feel so nice... but I think my time is up. I've done things I really shouldn't have."
  • "I was scared... I... I was afraid to die..."
  • "Yes... Very soon now I'll be gone..."
  • "I watched six people die and did nothing. I deserve this."
  • "Oh Sigma... thank you. I'm... I'm really glad I met you..."
  • "I'm sorry... My time's up... At least I get to... die in your arms. Thank you, Sigma. And... goodbye... Doctor..."


Blue Bird Lamentation
Luna's music box version.
  • Luna's Blue Bird Lamentation theme is remixed in Zero Time Dilemma.
  • Due to the voice actresses being different, Luna and Diana have noticeably different voices. This makes sense because Sigma didn't want to recreate Diana exactly. Luna could be viewed as the child which Diana and Sigma were unable to have (in the timeline leading to Virtue's Last Reward, not the timeline leading to the birth of Phi and Delta). It is implied that at first, Sigma wanted a perfect recreation of Diana, but at some point, he realized this was impossible so he decided to give Luna an identity of her own.

Luna's maru pose.

  • Luna sometimes make an odd pose where she raises her arms. While some interpret it as embarrassment, this is likely meant to be a circle "◯". In Japan, circles (known as maru) are used to signify that someone is correct as a "yes" or "OK" gesture. For example, if someone asks, "Are you Luna?", Luna will make the maru sign with her arms to mean, "Bingo! You're right! That's correct!" The same logic is why Japanese PlayStation games almost always have the O button as confirm and X button as cancel.
  • Luna's product ID is GTF-DM-L-016. This means "GAULEM Type Female - Diana Model - Luna". The 016 doesn't seem to hold any significant meaning and was likely chosen to resemble "dio" when mirrored.
    • Her product ID in the Japanese version was "GLTF-TM016". Uchikoshi has admitted that this was a mistake, and that the English version is the correct one.
  • Luna's name comes from the Spanish and Italian word for "Moon", which is where the game is set, where Luna has presumably "lived", and where she was presumably created. Luna is also the Latin word for "moon", which corresponds to how her design was based upon a woman called Diana, named after the goddess of the Moon in Roman mythology.
Luna render

Full view of Luna's dress.

  • In the GAULEM Bay (Easy Mode), Luna offers to use her skirt to clean oil. Alice asks her if it was something cheap and Luna says, "Yes. It was only 1,980 dollars."[4] It is unknown if she is joking or not, although it could be plausible in a post-apocalyptic world where clothing (especially as elegant as Luna's) is considered extremely rare, in the same way Quark's root beer float was.
    • Luna's skirt has geometric design which are very similar to the geometric designs on June's dress, which could serve as foreshadowing that the two are connected. Both dresses are also purple. Before 999, Akane was wealthy and would have the resources to design her own clothes. Because of this, it could be theorized that Akane designed her dress in 999, and later designed Luna's outfit. This could be why Luna's dress is apparently expensive - it may be custom made.
  • Luna, K, and Akane are the only characters to not use profanity in Virtue's Last Reward.
  • Luna's favorite color is green, according to what she said in the Lounge. It makes her feel happy and calm.
  • In the Control Room (Easy Mode), Luna claims that her father (probably Sigma) was a reactor technician, which makes sense considering Sigma became a scientist and created much of the things in Rhizome 9, especially the Control Room which has a reactor in it.
  • She can speak in a cockney accent, as seen in the GAULEM Bay.[5]

Luna complimenting Sigma.

  • In the GAULEM Bay, upon completing a puzzle, Luna says she's "fallen for [Sigma] all over again", implying she's fallen for Sigma once and already knows him.
  • In a sense, Luna is considered Sigma's robot daughter and as such, she could be considered Phi's, Kyle's and Delta's robot sister, although Sigma asked Luna to play the role of Kyle's mother once (as opposed to a sisterly role), and Phi and Delta never really met Luna before.
  • When asked what Luna does in her free time, Uchikoshi revealed Luna enjoys tic-tac-toe (also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os).


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