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Aliases Moony
Miss Luna
Woman B
Runa *
Gender Female
Age Early 20s[1]
(created c. 2050-2055)
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Red (under ABT)
Relatives N/A
Occupation GAULEM
Status Alive
Appearances Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Voice Noto Mamiko (Japanese)
Laura Bailey (English)
"You believed in me this whole time... Even though I look like... like this...? Thank you... Thank you so much..."

— Luna to Sigma, while she is dying

Luna is a kind and quietly intelligent young woman forced to play the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. She speaks softly, and always advocates for the most peaceful, optimistic solution. Luna never votes betray and will always choose to ally.


Luna render

Luna has blue eyes and coral red hair tied in a bun. She wears a purple sweater under a white vest and a long dark purple skirt with a white geometric design tied around her waist with a ribbon. She also has purple stockings and white slippers.

Her necklace is a caged bluebird, which also functions as a music box. Zero Sr. gave it to her a gift, and she says it reminds her of the following lesson: Search for happiness wherever you can, because the search itself is what will make you happy.


Luna is a pacifist and rarely gets angered. She completely trusts everyone, and as such, she always votes Ally and will feel heartbroken when anyone chooses Betray against her. Luna has a medical license and can operate medical machinery.

Luna, due to her status as a GAULEM, follows the Three Laws of Robotics. She will not disobey a single order given by Akane Kurashiki or Zero Sr. even if she does not approve of their plan. It becomes apparent that Luna has a crush on Sigma Klim, as shown by her GAULEM ID password reversed, although it seems to be an unrequited love.


Luna is a GAULEM, physically based on a woman named Diana, with ABT and was programmed by Zero. She is instructed by Zero and Akane to participate in the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. Should Akane be killed, Luna was to drag her body into her AB room. If not, she was to participate normally, but cannot divulge any information about the game and play as if she was human.

Virtue's Last Reward

Luna END

Sigma and Phi explore the Director's Office and, after a few jumps by Sigma, they both learn that Luna is a GAULEM, and most importantly, she was still active. Phi suspects that Clover's final message of "016" is a clue to Luna's GAULEM ID number, but Sigma thinks otherwise. Later the third Ambidex Game starts, Phi and Sigma turn around to see Luna on the outside, just as the doors close. Phi still thinks that Luna killed Tenmyouji and Clover and tries to convince Sigma to Betray her as she will most likely Betray them. In the end Sigma picks Ally and Luna did not vote, automatically Allying, allowing Sigma and Phi to get 9 BP and escape the facility with an unconscious Quark.

After sending Phi through Door 9 with Quark and choosing to stay behind saying he did not regret his decision, Sigma meets Luna in the B. Garden. Luna confirms that she is indeed a GAULEM. She tells him about her orders leading to the start of the Ambidex Game. Upon completing her task, Luna was deactivated in her Ambidex Room until the start of the Nonary Game. When asked about how Quark's bracelet being removed, despite that Quark had not died, she explains that she used tin foil for its electromagnetic blocking properties.

Luna then recounts the deaths of all the other players. Alice killed herself with the knife she found on in Warehouse A, which originally belonged to Dio. Dio hid it between Dio and Quark's original AB room and Luna's original AB room after he murdered the old woman. Zero III later moved Luna's AB room while the other players were in the first set of Chromatic Doors.

Later, Luna entered Room 2 with Clover following close behind. Clover began to question Luna, but when Luna did not give Clover the answer she was looking for, Clover took out the injection gun with Tubocurarine. Luna fought to take the gun away from Clover, however, the gun accidentally pierced Luna's neck, presumably killing her. After Luna falls on the ground, she tries to revive her but is unable to. Clover fled in fear, believing to have killed her, but Luna, as a GAULEM, was merely deactivated to keep the illusion that she is human. Clover runs to the infirmary to get the AED. On the way towards the infirmary, she runs into Dio. After seeing Luna supposedly dead and taking the knife, he follows Clover to the infirmary. Once in the infirmary, Dio over powered Clover and Tenmyouji and handcuffed them to a sink in the Infirmary, leading to their deaths. Before her death, Clover wrote "dio" on her left leg, which when transferred to her right leg, being read as "016". Finally when questioned by K, Dio gravely wounded K. However with the last of his strength, K killed Dio before succumbing to his wound.

Luna asks Sigma if he could hug her. Sigma awkwardly tries to but as he strokes her hair to reassure her, a bunch of her hair comes off into his hand. Luna's ABT begins to deteriorate due to the tubocurarine, causing the muscle fibers holding her ABT together to lose their binding. Luna asks Sigma if he's scared of her because she's a robot, but Sigma tightly hugs her back. As her ABT skin rapidly falls off of her GAULEM skeleton, Luna thanks Sigma for always trusting her despite being a robot. Luna mentions that she broke the 3 Laws of Robotics, stating that she allowed a human to die when she could have prevented it, not just once, but ultimately six times. Luna tells Sigma that a deactivated GAULEM cannot reactivate itself unless Akane, Zero Sr., or Zero III order them to, however, Luna's digital mind hacked Zero III and reactivated herself while temporarily deactivating Zero III to allow herself to help Sigma and Phi as much as she could. She also mentions that by going rogue and hacking Zero III, her mind in the system will be terminated. 


Luna dying as her ABT deteriorates.

Sigma tells her that everyone's deaths were not her fault. He assures her that she only obeyed orders and the true villain is Zero Sr. who set up the game. Luna thanks him for being so kind to her and is happy to die in his embrace. She gives her final thanks and cryptically says "Thank you...Doctor." Sigma is confused by that last word but realizes that Luna has died. Alone in the B. Garden, Sigma cries in despair as he can do nothing but hug the now lifeless GAULEM.


  • Luna's name comes from the Spanish word "moon", which is where the game is set.
  • She can speak in a cockney accent, as seen in the GAULEM Bay.
  • In the Control Room, Luna claims that her father was a reactor technican.


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