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People All Decision Game players
Items None
Minigames Force Quit Box
Links All Wards
Prep Room / Decontamination Room
Central Elevator Hall (blocked by X-Door)
Music N/A

The Lounge is a room in the Underground Shelter.

At first, it is thought there are three lounges in each wards. However, it later turns out that there's only one lounge which has the ability to change the color of its walls and furniture - the same technology used in the Healing Room.


The lounge appears to be a rather large room. It contains two couches, a coffee table, and a bar area. The bar is stocked with alcohol and enough canned food to feed two people if they eat "frugally". There is a small basketball court.

A computer terminal, meant for voting for a team to kill, is in the room. There is a red box called a Force Quit Box. Most notable is the X-Door, and a board beside it with the current X-Passes. Past the X-Door is the Central Elevator Hall. The lounge is also connected to the Prep Room which is then connected to the Decontamination Room.


  • C-Team is shown "Let the game end where I treat two", which is an anagram for "Together with me, we are ten", but leaves five leftover letters: LDAET. The leftover letters form Delta.
  • Q-Team is shown "Let's inhibit the virus!", which is an anagram for "The truth is invisible!".
  • D-Team is shown "When a curious hate oozes calamity", which is an anagram for "What you choose can materialize us".

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