Lord Hoppington
Aliases Duke Hoppington
Baron Hoppington
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Hair color None (green skin)
Eye color Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Occupation Frog
Appearances Virtue's Last Reward

Lord Hoppington is an "ex-frog" in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward who Sigma Klim, Clover Field and Dio met.

Virtue's Last Reward Edit

Hoppington was located in the laboratory in Rhizome 9, although he was already deceased when he was found. He was originally located in a capsule of ethanol. He was placed onto a counter and sliced open by Dio, as the thought upset Sigma and Clover too much. Inside, they found a blue capsule. Lord Hoppington being dissected caused Clover to cry.


  • Dio makes a Monty Python reference by calling Lord Hoppington an "ex-frog". In one of his shows, a dead parrot is called a "ex-parrot".
  • If the blue capsule is examined on easy mode, Clover renames him Duke Hoppington and Baron Hoppington, making Sigma wonder if there was a regime change.

Gallery Edit

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