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Locker Room
People Diana
Items Bucket
Bucket of water
Conversion plug
C-shaped piece
Hair dryer
Remote control
Round piece
Hair dryer with plug
Minigames Colored locker lock
Nona keypad
Dragon rotate
Door of truth
Links Ward D
Music Unknown song name
"Um... The water doesn't look quite right."
— Diana, seeing the water covering the floor

The Locker Room is an escape room located in Ward D. It can only be accessed after completing the Transporter Room. It is searched by Diana and Sigma Klim. Phi is not present.


The room contains a couple showers and five shower stalls, one of which is tightly sealed.


Sigma and Diana become trapped in this room while trying to find Phi, who is missing.


Found Items



Found in a stall. Use it on the tap to obtain the bucket of water.

Bucket of water


Obtained by using the bucket on a tap. Use it on the empty sink.



Found in one of the lockers by inputting violet, white, blue, red. Use it to open the red device.

Conversion plug


Found in an open locker. Combine it with the hair dryer.

C-shaped piece


Obtained in the aquarium tank after using the screwdriver and round piece. Use it on the red device.

Hair dryer


Found on the sink. Combine it with the conversion plug.



Found in the corner shower after using the key. Use it on the shower head near the red device after using the screwdriver.



Found in the sink after using the bucket of water. Use it on the corner shower.

Remote control


Found in one of the lockers by inputting violet, white, blue, red. Use it when the red device is used to open the drain. Later, use it when Sigma and Diana are hiding in the corner shower to prevent themselves from drowning.

Round piece


Found in the drain after using the remote control. Use it on the aquarium tank after opening the panel with the screwdriver.



Found in the nona keypad locker after solving the dragon rotate. Use it on the aquarium tank, as well as the shower head near the red device.

Combined Items

Hair dryer with plug


Obtained by combining hair dryer with conversion plug. Use it on the socket by the sink.


Colored locker lock

Violet, white, blue, red

Please note that "violet" may look like pink.

Nona keypad

This has nothing to do with colors, but pressing them in the correct order:

5 4 1
2 9 7
6 3 8

Dragon rotate

Focus on the white clouds first, then the dragon.

Door of truth

After escaping, the door of truth password is 11162029. However, if you don't know the meaning of this yet (the significance of this number), you should refrain from entering as it will probably spoil the game in a way. You should know what 11162029 means after the D-END: 2 (The Hope of Two) ending and you can feel free to enter after seeing this ending.

Humorous Quotes

  • Examine the second locker from the left:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: If only there was a cat in here. Neow that would purrfectly calm my nerves...
    Diana dialog Diana: Huh? Um, Sigma, did you just...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Ah, if you can't tail, I kind of have a litter tic. Whenever I talk about cats, I...
    Diana dialog Diana: Uh, all right. I guess it's okay.

  • Solve the color lock without getting the clue from the fan:
    Diana dialog Diana: Yes! I did it! Somehow it's unlocked!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: That's impossible... How could she... Coincidence? No...

  • Solve the nona lock without getting the clue from the drain:
    Diana dialog Diana: I unlocked it! It must be my lucky day!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: L-Luck? Impossible... You sure you didn't see any hints?

  • Plug the hairdryer with the conversion plug into the outlet:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: And what do we do now? Give ourselves fantastic blowouts with it?

  • Examine the screwdriver from the puzzle box:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: A Phillips screwdriver. What can we take apart with this...
    Diana dialog Diana: You know, you with a tool in your hand just looks right.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: R-really? Well, I do work with them often.
    Diana dialog Diana: Huh? Your reaction... Do people tell you that a lot?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: No... I just remembered someone said something like that long ago. It's nothing.

  • Examine the water tank:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: A water tank... Why is it in a shower room?
    Diana dialog Diana: Oh! There are water plants in here. Is Zero planning on getting some fish?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: And of all places, he puts it in here...

  • Examine the bottom of the water tank, before removing the cover/draining it:
    Diana dialog Diana: You could get a nice, fresh cup of coffee if you put a cup here.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Or, you know, water plant and tropical fish soup.
    Diana dialog Diana: Okay, okay, I know it wasn't possible, but I just wanted to imagine it...

  • Examine the C-shaped piece:
    Diana dialog Diana: See the C-shaped piece.

  • Examine the bucket while still in the stall:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: There's a bucket. Wear it on your head to gain defense!
    Diana dialog Diana: ...I think we can find another use for it aside from wearing it.

  • Examine the bucket while it's in your inventory:
    Diana dialog Diana: ...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Talking with a bucket on your head gives you this really loud echo.
    Diana dialog Diana: It makes me happy that you're trying to cheer me up, but could you take that off your head?

  • Examine the bucket in your inventory again:
    Diana dialog Diana: Buckets work better for putting things in, instead of putting on.

  • Click on the faucet in the open stall while the bucket is in your inventory:
    Diana dialog Diana: Let's put some water in the- Sigma, please take that off your head.

  • Examine the water-filled bucket:
    Diana dialog Diana: It's a bucket full of water... Oh, this is really heavy.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: I remember always swinging full buckets like this when I was young...
    Diana dialog Diana: S-stop that! The water's spilling!

  • Examine the damaged showerhead with the screwdriver:
    Diana dialog Diana: I think the screws are about to fall out of this showerhead.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: You're right. Let's use the screwdriver...
    Diana dialog Diana: Um, you took it off instead of screwing it on...

  • Examine the removed showerhead:
    Diana dialog Diana: The showerhead came off pretty easily.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Yeah... Well, we don't need to take a shower, so we don't to have to worry about it, right?

  • Examine the shower stall door after removing the hose:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Let's search the inside some more.
    Diana dialog Diana: Ah, wait! I'll come too!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Hm, once the door is shut, it's a sealed room in here.
    Diana dialog Diana: You're right. There are no gaps between the frame and the door. It's totally closed up...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...
    Diana dialog Diana: ...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...L-Let's get out, yeah?
    Diana dialog Diana: Ah! Um, y-yes, we should...

  • Examine the shower stall door again:
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Let's examine the inside again.
    Diana dialog Diana: Ah... Okay.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: M-Maybe we missed a spot, you know... We have to be extra cautious.
    Diana dialog Diana: Y-You're right. We'll just have to... come in as many times as we need to...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...
    Diana dialog Diana: ...
    Diana dialog Diana: ...!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...!
    Diana dialog Diana: S-Shall we go out?
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Y-Yeah...

  • After attaching the hose to the music box:
    Diana dialog Diana: The music box is playing!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Yes, but... this is it? I thought something else would happen...
    Diana dialog Diana: I like the sound this makes. And this melody... It just makes me want to sing.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Of all times, you...
    Diana dialog Diana: La la, lala la... La la la lala la...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...
    Diana dialog Diana: Lalala la la la...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: ...
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Uh, sorry to interrupt, Diana, but the drawer on the music box is open.
    Diana dialog Diana: You're right! Who would've thought that my singing would open it...!
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Uh, yes. Sure. What you said...

  • Examine the bench:
    Diana dialog Diana: Ah... Let's take a little break.
    Sigma dialog2 Sigma: Let me... just... slowly... sit... Oh God. I sound like an old man!