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Mr. and Mrs. Kurashiki
Status Deceased
Hair color Unknown (possibly brown)
Relatives Aoi Kurashiki (son)
Akane Kurashiki (daughter)
Appearances Zero Time Dilemma (mentioned)

Mr. and Mrs. Kurashiki (倉式 Kurashiki), first names unknown, were the parents of Aoi and Akane Kurashiki. They were the victims of a tragic series of unfortunate events in their children's childhood that left them orphans, and who would later live on very troubled, traumatic lives.


When Akane and Aoi were young, circa 2011, a young woman -- following a complete happenstance event by the Snail -- ended up crossing the path of a serial killer who is heavily implied to be Mira. Following this, Mr. Kurashiki was falsely accused of being the killer, and was later executed; in despair, Mrs. Kurashiki, leaving her children behind, took her own life.

As a result of this, Akane and Aoi became extremely close-bonded orphans, and Aoi took great care to Akane, pretending to be her "Santa" for Christmas. Aoi and Akane were told their parents died in an accident (possibly a car crash), but this was not true.

The deaths of both of their parents at such a young age was just the beginning of a long life of difficulty underwent by the Kurashiki children. They were later kidnapped and forced to participate in the First Nonary Game, and had to create the Second just to save Akane.


  • On Twitter, Uchikoshi revealed that Akane's father had dual nationality because of his work, which would explain how he ended up in the United States around the time of Mira's murder of the woman.
  • Akane once wore her mother's yukata at a festival.

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