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Aliases None mentioned
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Hair color Unknown
Eye color Unknown
Relatives Hazuki Kashiwabara (ex-wife)
Nona Kashiwabara (daughter)
Ennea Kashiwabara (daughter)
Occupation Unknown
Appearances 999 (mentioned in Q&A)

Ichiro (一朗 or イチロー) is the ex-husband of Hazuki Kashiwabara and also the father of their daughters, Nona and Ennea. It is currently unknown why they got divorced. A teen mom, Hazuka birthed her daughters at age 19, and they later became forced participants in the First Nonary Game.

Trivia Edit

  • "Ichiro" means "first-born son" in Japanese.
  • He is never direclty mentioned in game and is only mentioned at all in the Answers.

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