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People Alice
K *
Items Radio
Chevron block (x3)
Rusty key
Oil-covered key
Blue battery
Red battery
Combined blocks
Combined blocks (star)
Name tag
Bottle of detergent
Silver key
Boxers soaked in detergent
Minigames Frequency tuner
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"These are definitely real robots."

Alice, referring to GAULEMs

The GAULEM Bay is one of the puzzle rooms behind the green door on Floor B. It is investigated by Sigma, Alice and Luna on Luna's path.



Sigma accesses the Gaulem Bay after Quark shows signs of Radical 6 at the chromatic doors. After Tenmyouji asks someone to pick a door to go through, Luna begs Sigma to pick a door to go through. At this point Sigma has a choice to  take Alice and go through the blue door with K or the green door with Luna. Sigma chooses to go with Luna and head through the green door, which decides everyone else's teams. Dio and Phi go with K, and Tenmyouji and Quark go with Clover. After walking down the hallway, Sigma, Alice, and Luna find themselves in the Gaulem Bay. Alice states that it is probably a workroom and says they need to find the Moon cards. Inside of the safe is the Map to floor B, The moon Cards, The supplementary A.B game rules, and the Gaulem Bay plug (K's key), and the exit key. Sigma and Alice take one moon card while Luna takes the other. However they are unsure what to do with the Gaulem Bay plug. Alice says that she will hold on to the plug and insists they leave. After opening the exit door, Golm who was lying on the nearby table, activates and speaks to them. After he is deactivated by Zero 3, Sigma, Luna, and Alice leave the Gaulem Bay after an announcement says that one of the A.B rooms has been opened.

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