The Force Quit Box closed.

The Force Quit Box, also called Pandora's Box by Zero, is a mysterious red box in the lounge of the Underground Shelter.

As revealed later, there is only one Force Quit Box, not three. The purpose of the Force Quit Box is to detonate the Underground Shelter. This is foreshadowed near the beginning of the Decision Game when Mira suggests that it will be "forced to end your life", which is exactly what it does. However, the true purpose behind this is to put the players in a stressful situation and help them SHIFT to the history where they won the coin toss, but only when they acquired the information they needed from the necessary timelines.

The Force Quit Box also foreshadows that Sean is a robot because he is able to easily lift it, while everyone else notes it is extremely heavy.

Passwords Edit


The Force Quit Box opened.

The Force Quit Box requires three steps to activate:

  • C team Force Quit: VIVEHODIE ("Vive Hodie", Latin for "Live for today")
  • Q team Force Quit (Quantum Computer): 38080832
  • D team Force Quit: BROOCH and BLUE BIRD (note the space between BLUE and BIRD). MUSIC BOX also works as an alternative for BLUE BIRD.

The brooch and blue bird aren't simply referring to text passwords; they refer to the blue bird necklace and Phi's Brooch which must be physically inserted into the box.

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