Fragments in the FLOW Chart.

The Floating Fragment system, more simply known as Fragments, is a key part of Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma.

Fragments are sequences of 90 minutes that feature a section of the game. Each Fragment contains a number of cut scenes, an Escape room, and a decision portion. After the 90 minutes are up, the participants' bracelets inject them with a drug that knocks them out and erases their memories, forcing a new fragment to be played out. Fragments are divided by teams, allowing switching between teams at any point when viewing the fragments. Each fragment also contains a mini flow chart to show the progression of events and to allow you to make different decisions without having to replay the entire fragment.

Fragment Selection


An early version of the fragment selection screen for Team C.

The fragment selection screen is a screen that allows a fragment to be selected. They are scrambled until seen, making them out of chronological order. Once they're seen, they're added to the FLOW Chart in their correct order, indicating what part of the timeline was just experienced.

An unlocked fragment is initially presented as an image and a vague description. By seeing a fragment, more are unlocked, providing more options to choose from. It is unknown if the fragments unlocked are randomized or intentionally set up.