Overview of Fanatic Bio R.

Fanatic Bio R is a lethal virus mentioned in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. It is first shown through a file found by Q-Team during their investigation of the Biolab. Despite being a lethal virus, Fanatic Bio R is one of the two known antidotes for Radical-6, the other being Axelavir which is only seen in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward.

Description Edit

"The incubation rate for this virus is extremely short. Mortality rate is 100%. Symptoms include blood erupting from the body, then death."
— Fanatic Bio R file

Fanatic Bio R, as described in a file in the Biolab, is an extremely lethal virus that will guarantee death in any who are unfortunate enough to contract it. Within a short period of time after the virus' contraction, the victim has shown to have blood erupt from their pores on their bodies, likely being the cause of death of the victim due to hypovolemia. While there is no medicinal cure, contracting Radical-6 acts as a counteragent, as both viruses neutralize each other.

Zero Time Dilemma Edit

During their investigation of the Biolab, Q-Team discover the file on Fanatic Bio R. Following their search, Zero informs them that they were all infected with Fanatic Bio R, and presents them with syringes containing Radical-6. Informing them about the relation between the two viruses, he tells them that he can see the future, and knows what they are going to do - If they decide to inject themselves with Radical-6, then they're injected with Fanatic Bio R. If they don't, then Zero didn't put Fanatic Bio R onto the needle that injected them all. Q-Team then decide whether to inject Radical-6 into themselves or not.

If they choose to inject themselves, the Radical-6 presumably eradicated the Fanatic Bio R in their bodies, however if they don't, they're just fine having no virus at all.

Trivia Edit

  • The actual authenticity of Fanatic Bio R is never confirmed. Eric does question whether it's real at one point, due to its fantastical name. One thing that strongly throws its authenticity into question is the fact that the term "Fanatic Bio R" is an anagram for "Fabrication".
  • When the team discover the file on the virus during their search, Sean is implied to know something about it. It's possible that it's actually the "incurable infection" that Sean's namesake died from.
  • Given its naming, it is possible that Fanatic Bio R is a virus that the religious fanatic used to completely wipe out all 8 billion humans in the timeline Delta tried to stop. This would fit in with the mortality rates of both viruses, with Radical-6 having a mortality rate of around 75% (6 billion) while Fanatic Bio R's mortality rate is 100% (all 8 billion). However, it is suggested that the fanatic used nuclear weapons, so it is all a mystery.

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