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Eric's father
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Relatives Unnamed wife (deceased)
Chris (son, deceased)
Eric (son)
Appearances Zero Time Dilemma (mentioned)
Voice Unknown
"SHUT THE HELL UP! Who said YOU could FUCKING CRY?! Jesus, Eric! Can't you even look after your SHITTY LITTLE BROTHER?! God. Fucking kids..."
— The father to Eric and Chris

Eric's unnamed father was the alcoholic abusive father of Eric and Chris. He emotionally abused and beat his children.



Eric's father screaming at Eric.

Upset by the death of his wife at the hands of a girl heavily implied to be Mira, as well as the increasing responsibility to care for his boys, Eric's father became alcoholic and abusive. He shifted the responsibility of caring for Chris onto Eric. When things didn't go quite right, the father became enraged at Eric and Chris, verbally and physically abusing them.

He eventually caused the death of Chris (it is implied their father drowned Chris in a bathtub as punishment for misbehaving while Eric watched), and Eric dumped Chris' body into a lake. These events traumatized Eric, making him into the nervous young man he was during the events of the game.

Their father later died from an unspecified illness.

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