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Door 2.

Door 2

Door 2 opens by Junpei, Seven and Lotus.

Door 2 is one of three choices of numbered doors after the large hospital room's doors are cleared. The other two are Door 1 and Door 6. Unlike the previous selection of doors, these doors are not located on the same deck or in the same room.

Door 2 is on the Bottom Deck of the ship after going through the Mercury Elevators. It is found by Junpei and June. It leads to the confinement room and then to the torture room. Choosing Door 2 will always lead to the Sub Ending. If the player chose Door 3 in the DS version, they are forced into Door 2. This only occurs on the DS version.


Previously through Door 3 (DS Version Only)

With only the Mercury Keycard in hand, the group of seven know where they need to go next. They activate the elevator and take it down together to the Bottom Deck, where they find Door 2.

Knowing now that all the doors will eventually lead them all back together until they find Door 9, the group decide to send only three people in.

Seven, Lotus, and Junpei are chosen to enter. The rest of the group stays behind.

Previously through Door 7 or 8


The voting slips.

The group, having found the next three doors on three separate decks, decide to do a sort of voting. Each person writes down the numbered door they wish to enter on a piece of paper, and after everyone had, the results are read out one by one. This is to ensure no one can just suddenly change their decision to enter the doors for whatever reason.

The result of the voting is as follows:

Door 1: Ace, Clover
Door 2: Seven, Lotus
Door 6: Santa, June

Junpei, however, has a trick up his sleeve. He had prepared three pieces of paper, one for each of the three doors. Door 6 was placed on the ground by default, but he had Door 2's in one of his hands. After reading where everyone else wants to go, he decides to take Door 2.

Digital Roots

Choosing Door 2 partners Junpei with Seven and Lotus.

5+7+8 = 20 = 2+0 = 2

This leaves Ace (1), Santa (3), Clover (4), and June (6), whose digital roots are incompatible together for another door. However, Clover suggests that Ace, Santa, and June go through Door 1.

1+3+6 = 10 = 1+0 = 1

Clover volunteers to stay behind, as she wants to be left alone anyway.

Behind Door 2

The DEAD of Door 2 is found just beside the door, on the other side. Beyond Door 2 was the escape room itself, which consisted of a small hallway that branched left and right, lined with old, rusty doors. A quick look around reveals that they found the confinement rooms.


  • Going through this door will always lead to the Submarine Ending, regardless of which door you previously took.

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