Building Q in the Nevada Desert.

Building Q was a building related to the Nonary Game. It was supposed to be a complete copy of the Gigantic, but it was located in the middle of the Nevada Desert. The reason it is known as Building Q is presumably because the exit door is Door q.

Layout Edit


The decks.

Building Q's interior was built as a copy of the Gigantic's. Due to this, the puzzles were exactly the same. Just like the Gigantic, Building Q had multiple decks connected by a Central Staircase.

A Deck Edit

A Deck was the highest deck inside Building Q. Door 1 was located on the deck and led to the Chart room and the Captain's Quarters.

B Deck Edit

B Deck was located just below A Deck and led to Door 4 and Door 5. The 2nd Class Cabin and Kitchen were located behind Door 4, while the 1st Class Cabin and Casino were located behind Door 5.

C Deck Edit

C Deck was the location of the Hospital Room which held Door 3, Door 7, and Door 8. The Shower Room, Operating Room, and Laboratory were located behind the doors on C Deck.

D Deck Edit

D Deck held the 3rd Class Cabin, and was flooded at the beginning of the Nonary Game.

E Deck Edit

E Deck was located underneath D Deck, however it wasn't flooded. Door 6 was located on E Deck and led to the Steam Engine Room along with the Cargo Room.

Door 9 was also located on E Deck, and led to the Library, Study, and Incinerator, which was the location of Door q.

Bottom Deck Edit

The Bottom Deck was the location of Door 2 and subsequently the Confinement Rooms and Torture Room.

First Nonary Game Edit

Building Q was used by Cradle Pharmaceutical and Free the Soul for the First Nonary Game to put the kids who excelled at transmitting through the morphogenetic field in there to transmit the answers to the puzzles to the kids in the Gigantic. Clover Field and Ennea Kashiwabara were in Building Q.

Due to a mix up regarding Akane Kurashiki, Akane was sent to the Gigantic instead of Building Q. To fill in Akane's missing role, there were two sisters in Building Q.

Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Edit


The survivors realize they were in Building Q.

Building Q was later used by Crash Keys for the Second Nonary Game, as the Gigantic had been sunk in the previous Nonary Game. Its presence was only made known after the players of the game had escaped, as they had previously assumed they were on a ship because D Deck had been flooded.


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