Various points on various bracelets.

Bracelet Points, often abbreviated as BP, are an important game mechanic in the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. They determine each player's survival and whether or not the player can open the Number Nine Door and escape the facility.


AB bracelet

The bracelet which contains the BP.

At the start of the Nonary Game, all players start out with 3 BP. If a player reaches 9 or more BP, they will be able to open the Number Nine Door and all players with 9 or more BP can leave the facility. Any player who tries to leave with less than 9 BP will be penalized with death by having the bracelet inject them with Soporil and tubocurarine; it was hinted that this is what happened to Tenmyouji in Luna Game Over 1, but it is also possible that he used neostigmine to counter the tubocurarine when escaping with Quark, because he found him in the Treatment Center and there is a gun of that substance in that safe. Upon leaving the facility this way, the bracelet will automatically unlock.

Should a player's BP reach 0 or less, they will be penalized and killed by the bracelet. All penalties are conducted by injecting Soporil to put the player unconscious and then 9 minutes later, they are injected with tubocurarine, which causes death by asphyxiation. The player can prevent their death by either injecting themselves with neostigmine, which counteracts tubocurarine or by physically separating the bracelet from the body in the first place. In Quark END, Sigma, whose BP reached 0, had his mechanical arm crushed by the door to prevent him from being penalized. In Luna END, Luna took Quark's bracelet off with aluminum foil because he was infected with Radical-6. She put him in the treatment pod in order to alleviate his symptoms and make him immune to the penalty.

Gaining/Losing Bracelet Points

Zero Escape Vol. 2 Virtue's Last Reward (1)

The BP mechanism.

Sigma gains and loses bracelet points during the AB Game depending on his and his opponent(s) actions. If both teams pick Ally, then they both gain 2 BP. If one team picks Ally and the other picks Betray, the betrayer gains 3 BP and the betrayed loses 2 BP. If both pick Betray, neither of them gain/lose points. If any player's BP hits 0 or less, the player will be killed with the penalty.


After disarming Dio's bombs using the Bomb Codes, everyone decides to cooperate, and pick ally during the next three rounds, allowing everyone to reach 9 BP or higher. They then head through the Number Nine Door, deciding to leave Dio behind, tied to the sink. At the end of Phi END, Phi had the highest BP total out of all the other players, racking up a total of 15 BP.