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Zero Escape Vol. 2 Virtue's Last Reward 3 (2)

The bomb password input device.

The Bomb Codes are a mechanic of Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. However, they are only relevant in the timelines behind the Cyan Chromatic Door, as the bombs aren't found in any other timeline. Instead, Akane Kurashiki is found dead. Sigma Klim must jump from other timelines in order to obtain the bomb codes to defuse the bombs set by Dio in Phi END.

Bomb CodesEdit

  • Bomb #0: Obtained in Dio END by Dio outside Rhizome 9 after Phi questions him about the bomb. The code is LXA QNS GDQ.
  • Bomb #1: Obtained in Tenmyouji END by Zero Sr. in Director's Office during his hologram message. The code is BQZ RGJ DXR.
  • Bomb #2: The code is EQD DYR NTK. Obtained in Sigma END by Dio in Infirmary, he gives this code because he "is in a good mood".
  • Bomb #3: Obtained in Alice END by Dio in Warehouse A after he eats the suicide capsule. The code is LXQ LHC NMR (NA/EU) or BKZ XCN KKR (JP).

In order of Phi END Edit

  • Bomb #3: The code is LXQ LHC NMR (NA/EU) or BKZ XCN KKR (JP).
  • Bomb #2: The code is EQD DYR NTK.
  • Bomb #1: The code is BQZ RGJ DXR.
  • Bomb #0: The code is LXA QNS GDQ.


In the final hidden file, it says to +1 to alter the bomb codes from gibberish to something meaningful. This means to move forward one letter of the alphabet for each letter.

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