Poster showing Marty McFly with his car that doubles as an awesome time machine.

Back to the Future is a American science-fiction adventure comedy film released in 1985. The movie is discussed in Zero Time Dilemma by Akane Kurashiki, Junpei Tenmyouji, and Carlos. Despite the exact name not being mentioned, it is safe to assume the existence of the movie in the Zero Escape universe.

Synopsis Edit

Based only on information given in Zero Time Dilemma

A teenage protagonist from a poor family travels in time to when his parents first meet using a car as a time machine, and ends up causing them to never meet. He attempts to get his awkward father to marry his mother, and in the process "almost gets it on" with her himself. However his father punches the neighborhood bully, and ends up winning his mother's heart. When the protagonist returns to his own time again, his father has become a famous science fiction writer, and his family is now rich.

Zero Time Dilemma Edit

Zero Time Dilemma Back to the Future discussion06:15

Zero Time Dilemma Back to the Future discussion

Akane talking about Marty McFly.

Akane discusses the events of the movie with Junpei and Carlos, when attempting to explain to Carlos about how SHIFT works. During her explanation she refers to the "teenage protagonist" as "M". She questions where the "M" who grew up with the rich family went, whom she refers to as "M2".

Akane outlines two possible theories based on the two popular overarching stories about time travel: The idea that "there is only one history", and the multiverse theory. In the event of the former, she argues that "M" was effectively committing murder when he came back to his present, as he overwrote the memories and life that "M2" had. In the case of the many worlds hypothesis however, the mystery of where "M2" went would remain. She proposed the idea that on the same night that "M" went back in time, "M2" did the same thing, but then ended up doing the exact opposite to "M" in the past, preventing his father from having punched the bully. This meant that when "M2" returned to the present, it was the history that "M" had lived in, where the family was poor. This meant they had effectively switched places.

Junpei comments that "M2" has a depressing situation as no matter what he'd get the worst outcome. Akane then informs Carlos that his case is, unfortunately, most likely the same: Just as "M2" swapped places with "M1", his consciousness entered this history, which means that the consciousness of the Carlos who was originally here was forced into his dying body in the other history.

Trivia Edit

  • Junpei says that the "M" who comes from the alternative present doesn't appear anywhere in the movie. This isn't correct, as this Marty does make an appearance near the end of the movie briefly, where he is seen travelling to the past, which lines up with Akane's theory.
  • When explaining how the life of "M2" would have been different to the one "M" had, Akane says that "M2" could have "met a really cute girl he liked". However in the actual movie, this version of Marty is shown to have formed the same serious romantic relationship with Jennifer Parker as the original Marty (whom the sequel reveals is also his future wife in this timeline). However it's possible she is talking about romantic experiences or crushes prior to Jennifer.
  • Carlos's plan to pretend to rape Akane near the end of the game isn't dissimilar to Marty's plan in the movie, to pretend to rape his mother so that George could "come to her rescue". In the case of the movie however, Marty's plan goes wrong and Lorraine ends up falling victim to a real attempted rape at the hands of Biff.

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