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"Yeah, I didn't really expect it to be so...archive-y. All these books and stuff everywhere..."
— Clover, astute observations

The Archives is an escape room behind the green Chromatic Door. Sigma, Clover, and Luna visit this room on Sigma's route.



Concept art.

The Archives is a medium sized room, with its main features being a computer monitor in the center of the room, and gargantuan bookshelves lined up on the walls, surrounding the room. Next to the exit is a safe. There is a desk in the left corner of the room that has a scale on top of it. To the right of the desk, there is a chest with a bunch of dice symbols on it, as well as a multiplication sign and an addition sign engraved on it, as well as dice symbols. Most of the books are written in Latin.


Sigma investigates this room with Clover and Luna on Sigma's route. After heading through the green door, they find three locked doors. After annoying Clover and pulling the lever, Sigma opens the door to the Archives. Once inside, they begin searching for the moon cards.

They open the safe and find a map of Floor B, two moon cards, a note about the supplementary AB game rules, and the exit key. Sigma and Luna take one card, while Clover takes the other. After leaving, they head to the Floor B warehouse.

Phi END Edit


This room is also searched by Sigma and Phi in Phi END. During this, while searching for the bombs, Phi enlightens Sigma in casual conversation about a variety of the storyline's metaphysical and philosophical concepts, such as the many-world interpretations theory, as well as Schrodinger's Cat (which she demonstrates by using some of the items used during the escape as an analogy, such as a doll lion as a cat stand-in).


Found ItemsEdit

Blue BookEdit


A blue book.

The Blue book is found in the fifth row of the A bookshelf, the narrow one on the left.

It goes in space B-06-30, where the Red book originally was.

From left to right: "Go up - the stairway - to the sun - and lion"

Red BookEdit


A red book.

The Red book is found in the sixth row of the B bookshelf, the wide one on the left.

It goes in space A-05-02, where the Blue book originally was.

From left to right: "Go up - the stairway - to the sun - and lion"

Orange BookEdit


An orange book.

The Orange book is found in the fifth row of the C bookshelf, the wide one on the right.

It goes in space D-07-03, where the Green book originally was.

From left to right: "Go up - the stairway - to the sun - and lion"

Green BookEdit


A green book.

The Green book is found in the seventh row of the D bookshelf, the narrow one on the right.

It goes in space C-05-18, where the Orange book originally was.

From left to right: "Go up - the stairway - to the sun - and lion"

Stuffed LionEdit


A stuffed lion.

The stuffed lion is found on top of the bookshelves. It can be reached after the four books have been correctly placed.

Upon further inspection, the lion has a memory card stuffed inside of it.

Memory CardEdit


A memory card.

The memory card is found after the stuffed lion is examined more thoroughly.

Once it is placed in the stand, the Dice Placement minigame is able to be played.

Blue InkEdit


A bottle of blue ink.

The Blue ink is found on the left side of the metal desk.

Combines with Cylinder to from Cylinder covered in ink.

Notebook PaperEdit


Some notebook paper.

The Notebook paper is found on the middle of the metal desk.

Combines with Cylinder covered in ink to form Report (FILE).

Blue DieEdit


A blue die.

The Blue die is found next to the Music box on the metal desk.

In the scale minigame, it is discovered that its weight is 150 grams.

Music BoxEdit


A music box, similar to the one in the Captain's Quarters.

The Music box is found on the right side of the metal desk.

Combines with Screwdriver to form Cylinder.

Green DieEdit


A green die.

The Green die is found on top of the box in the corner of the room.

In the scale minigame, it is discovered that its weight is 100 grams.

Red DieEdit


A red die.

The Red die is found sitting in the right plate of the scale.

In the scale minigame, it is discovered that its weight is 50 grams.



Some dead weight.

The Weight is found sitting in the left plate of the scale.

It is used in the scale minigame to determine the weight of the three dice.



A typical screwdriver.

The Screwdriver is found inside of the drawer of the scale.

Combines with Music box to form Cylinder.

Book With BookmarkEdit


A plain bookmark.

The Book with bookmark is found in the box after the dial lock has been unlocked.

The bookmark inside the book has a diagram, which serves as a clue for the Dice Placement minigame.

Combined ItemsEdit


The Cylinder is found after the Music box and the Screwdriver are combined.

Combines with Blue ink to form Cylinder covered in ink.

Cylinder Covered in InkEdit

The Cylinder covered in ink is found after the Cylinder and the Blue ink are combined.

Combines with Notebook paper to form Report (FILE).


Dice Dial LockEdit


Dial lock puzzle.

This minigame requires the player to enter the correct numbers by multiplying the weight of the red and green dice and to add the weight of the blue dice (remember the order of operations - do multiplication first and addition after). The solution is 05150. The scale in the room can help you determine the weight of each dice.

  • Blue - 150
  • Green - 100
  • Red - 50

100 x 50 = 5000

5000 + 150 = 5150

Dice PlacementEdit


Dice rolling action.



This minigame is accessed after obtaining the bookmark and the memory card and inserting the blue memory card into the terminal in the center of the room. This minigame requires the player to move the dice into the correct position. The dice positions paper and the bookmark shows where to place the dice and which numbers go where. You also have to put the correct die in the right place since there are two of each color. Completing this gives you the escape password. To get the file password, only the colors have to be on the correct spaces.


  • A much harder version of the Dice Placement minigame is played in Q.
  • This room is only visited if Sigma votes betray against Alice in the AB game.
  • The scale functions the same way it did in the B. Garden.
  • This escape room contains one of the "lion eating a red sun" motifs, in the form of a stuffed animal.
  • During the Round 1 AB Game on the Magenta route (against Luna), immediately before Sigma enters his vote and while Phi is urging him to pick Betray, the music heard in the Archives plays. This is the only (or one of the only) times an escape room theme is played during a novel section.

Humorous QuotesEdit

  • Examine the bookshelf staircase.
    1. Clover dialog2 Clover: The top is a lot more narrow than I thought...
      Luna dialog Luna: Should I go?
      Clover dialog2 Clover: Well, with a big skirt like that it might get kind of dangerous...
      Luna dialog Luna: Oh. If I just hike it up, I think I should be--
      Clover dialog2 Clover: And, uh, I think there's somebody down on all fours, trying to not look like he's staring up toward the bookshelf...
      Luna dialog Luna: S-Sigma...?
      Clover dialog2 Clover: What are you doing?
      Sigma dialog Sigma: I, uh...lost a contact...
      Clover dialog2 Clover: You don't wear any!
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Ow!
      Clover dialog2 Clover: You climb.
      Sigma dialog Sigma: Okay...

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